Abhishek Banerjee

Abhishek Banerjee is a math lover who may or may not be an Associate Professor at IISc Bangalore. He is the author of Operation Johar - A Love Story, a novel on the pain of left wing terror in Jharkhand, available on Amazon here.  

Sheikh Hasina is playing fast and loose on the genocide of Bangladeshi Hindus: Here is how

They did not allow the Hindus of Bangladesh to celebrate Durga Puja. In nearly a dozen districts of Bangladesh, they attacked Durga Puja pandals

The illegal and unconstitutional Republic of Singhu is now a fully functional dictatorship

Who can set the people free? Modern capitalism. Yes, modern capitalism, for all its faults, is what sets people free from the brutal feudal system.

Coal crisis: How global media is attacking India to reduce China’s embarrassment

But the blackouts haven’t happened yet. We are on thin ice, but we are getting by. You cannot deny that.

Aarey “forest”: How the rich woke few snatched the future of millions of Mumbaikars

In India since 2014, things are not so simple. Because the vicious, hateful anti-Modi lobby will stand in the way of everything. Even the most obvious, practical decisions.

Understanding Ravish ji ki class: GDP = state budget = 3 months ticket sales?

Why would somebody compare the GDP to the state budget? And then possibly to ticket sales over some 3 month period? What is the connection?

In front of PM Modi, Biden certifies that American liberal media is worthless lapdogs: Here is how

What did the American media get in return for such loyalty? Yesterday, President Biden humiliated the American media in front of PM Modi.

On why liberals go crazy when PM Modi goes abroad and why Sonia Gandhi is not on social media

Each time the Prime Minister goes abroad, something very special seems to happen to his detractors. Forever on the margins of sanity, this is one thing that drives them over…

Afghanistan, France, India, Japan: Learn not to trust the USA

Liberals all over the world endorsed Joe Biden because they thought Trump was a “white supremacist.” Since coming to power, he has sidelined the only two non-white countries in his…

The changing CMs of BJP: What it means and what to expect

In Karnataka, the JDS made a huge mistake by taking the CM post in 2018. Their party is now finished, and BJP has entered all their old strongholds in the…

How Dismantling Global Hindutva conference ended up showing that Hindu nationalists are the best people of all

Hindus are a micro-minority in most countries of this world. Then how exactly could anyone see Hindutva as a global threat?