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What do Modi Haters see when they come across photos of his international trips

Everytime Modi is out for a foreign trip, social media is full of memes and jokes. Here are some more jokes!

Media makes Sadhvi Prachi a BJP MP in spite of being corrected earlier

Sadhvi Prachi is promoted to the post of BJP MP every time she states a controversy

Indian Media reporting half-truths to defame NDRF?

Indian media misreports Nepal direction to withdraw rescue teams

Angry Nepalese trend #GoHomeIndianMedia to protest against insensitive coverage of earthquake

Fed up with sensationalist and insensitive reporting by the Indian media, citizens of Nepal took to Twitter to express their anger.

Users claiming BJP association spread rumors by trending #GodhraAgain, Party must act against those

Twitter was flooded with #GodhraAgain hashtag, which had many misleading information and hateful tweets.

India Today group spins Shourie interview with Karan Thapar

Things which Arun Shourie never said get attributed to him by India Today

Threatened and boycotted, Muslim family that converted to Hinduism goes back to Islam

A Muslim family in Agra that had accepted Hinduism has gone back to Islam after facing threats and social boycott.

In how many trains must Rahul Gandhi travel, before he is called a man?

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.

When Nepal was groaning in earthquake, Christian Missionaries were shamelessly selling Jesus

Nepal was hit by a massive Earthquake, causing huge damages. Christian Missionaries took no time to propagate Gospel and Jesus.

Massive damage by earthquake in Nepal, here are some latest development and useful resources

Massive earthquake shakes Nepal. Hope things get normal very soon.

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