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PM Modi’s words taken out of context to create a ‘communal’ controversy

Selective reporting of a particular portion of a statement to give it a communal tone.

Congress mouthpiece National Herald exposed for publishing blatant lies

The art of reviving a dead story with lies - Congress style.

Army Chief attacked for talking tough against those who help terrorists in Kashmir

Gen Rawat's statement was twisted, and twisted very dangerously by some politicians and some in media.

They wanted money for making Bhojpuri films, so ISI offered them train derailment job

These people are believed to be responsible for the Kanpur derailment which left over 140 dead

Digivijay Singh stoops to new low: Tweets morphed image to attack Amit Shah

When the truth is not good enough, rely on post-truth.

SRK booked for vandalism, it was ‘gareeb’ vendor’s complaint against ‘Raees’ superstar

A vendor at Kota Railway Station platform had to suffer losses due to Shah Rukh Khan’s film promotion.

Indian blind cricket captain blasts media for misquoting him over Virender Sehwag

The Indian Express had claimed that the blind team captain was unhappy over a tweet by Sehwag.

Sagarika Ghose tries ‘humour’ on Tamil politics, comes up with idli-dosa, gets panned

The unreadable piece contained the same old lazy South Indian references frequently used to mock the region.

Can Economic Times be trusted with UP elections coverage? Asks Social Media

People have drawn a connection between Akhilesh allocating land to Bennet University and ET publishing pro-Akhilesh reports.

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