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Muslim clerics oppose Yogi govt’s decision to make marriage registration compulsory

Muslim clerics from the Darul Uloom Deoband Islamic school aren't happy about this decision

Maoists pay tribute to their ‘martyrs’ by abducting railway employees

The left wing terrorists also hijacked a train. Incidents happened in Bihar.

Indo-Pak border to get “smart fence” but border with Bangladesh remains neglected

Fence will be aided by surveillance radars, which would blip once it detects any form activity near the border.

Communal tensions in Uttarakhand town after a Muslim man ‘rapes’ a calf

The incident happened in the Pauri Garwal district of the state. The accused has been arrested.

Amit Shah ‘praises’ Rahul Gandhi for doing what Mahatma Gandhi wanted

BJP President Amit Shah took a jibe at Congress and its Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

Kerala Muslims being mobilised to become lawyers for fighting against “Islamophobic” judiciary

This story has been broken by the Kochi Post and hints at focus area of 'minority activism'

Website that exposed NDTV’s misdeeds claims to be under cyber attack

The website has been instrumentalist in exposing the sins of NDTV

Former Trinamool worker’s house destroyed after 200 bombs kept by him explode

The incident happened in the Birbhum district of West Bengal

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