Saturday, September 18, 2021
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A quick guide to understand the Land Acquisition Ordinance issue

Three major contentious issues about the land acquisition ordinance, and what BJP and the NDA government has to say about them.

Truth about Amma’s fan who crucified himself to support her

Who is this crazy fan who crucified himself to a cross to support Jayalalithaa. Did he do out of “passion” for Amma?

Bure Din starts for Vadra? Tax raids on offices after name struck off at Airports

Income Tax and Service Tax raids have been conducted on companies owned by and related to Robert Vadra in Rajasthan.

Reactions of Pakistani cricket fans who were eagerly praying for the second “MAUKA” in India vs SA match

Reactions of Pakistani cricket fans on social media were so hilarious that you mustn't miss to read them

How the Government executed operation #CorporateEspionage – a Timeline

The build-up to one of the biggest crackdown on leaks from the Government.

Amartya Sen – Victim of Vendetta or a clever plot at Attempted Martyrdom

Is Amartya Sen trying to be a martyr to hide his shortcomings? Reports show that he was nowhere a good administrator.

AAP volunteer attends Delhi govt meeting, calls lady officer “RSS ki masterni”

The menace of vigilantism and mob justice appears set to return to Delhi as AAP volunteers attend government meetings.

How media calculated the figure of Rs 10 lakh for Modi suit without caring for facts

Modi's suit: From London to Ahmedabad, from Rs 10 lakhs to a paltry Rs 80,000. But Media chose to believe only one figure.

After vandals deface Hindu temple, some come out to support Hindus in US

Local US media reported that some people came out and put posters and cards in support of the Hindu community.

Modi spoke about tolerance, but Modi haters can’t hear. Here are few reactions

Those who call others prejudiced and bigoted betrayed their own prejudice and bigotry thanks to their hate for Modi.

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