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Desalinated water will soon be available at 5 paise per liter: Nitin Gadkari

Gadkari rued that while Indian states were fighting among themselves for water, unused water flow into Pakistan.

Congress plenary session sees a race to praise Nehru Gandhi dynasty, and a slip of tongue

The plenary is likely to continue to be a competitive exercise in praising their future prime minister. 

West Bengal teenager dies after AC mechanic posing as doctor fails to provide critical care

The 25-year-old fake doctor Sheikh Sarfarajuddin and the driver of the ambulance have been arrested

Facebook suspends data agency which was reportedly helping Congress win elections

There were various reports of the Congress associating with this agency

Arvind Kejriwal will ally with Congress and dump AAP Punjab: Kapil Mishra

It will be another u-turn in a list of many by Arvind Kejriwal.

Court summons Mizoram CM and Congress leader accused of lying in an affidavit

It does not bode well for the Congress Party ahead of Assembly Elections in the state later this year.

Bihar DGP busts claims of alleged fact checkers, reiterates pro-Pak sloganeering video isn’t doctored

Earlier alleged fact checkers had brought into question the given video

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