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IT Dept freezes Cognizant’s bank accounts over Rs 2500 crore unpaid Dividend Distribution Tax

Cognizant allegedly owes the government Rs 2500 crores in Dividend Distribution Tax

Shekhar Gupta and his website slammed for making open defecation a Hindu-Muslim issue

People weren't amused by the analysis carried on The Print

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower names the Congress party during British Parliament hearing

The Whistleblower has explicitly named the Congress party in his hearing

Watch: Rahul Gandhi unceremoniously refuses to wear the Mysuru Peta, traditional headgear of Karnataka

BJP President Amit Shah and Prime Minister Modi have worn it during their past visits to the state.

Did Times Now cover up Fake News by spreading more Fake News?

Did Times Now blatantly decide to mislead its viewers?

Mamata Banerjee’s minister threatens to break face, nose and eyes of state BJP President

Rabindranath Ghosh threatens state BJP President Dilip Ghosh with bodily harm

BJP MLA blames illegal Bangladeshis for rising crime, as a series of heinous rapes shock Assam

The Northeastern state has witnessed several brutal crimes against within a very short span of time

Mamata Banerjee’s meeting with Rahul Gandhi, the Schrödinger’s cat

Mamata had earlier skipped all-opposition party dinner hosted by UPA chairman Sonia Gandhi

Nitin Gadkari announces that India’s share of water under Indus Water Treaty will be utilised better

Utilisation of India's share under the treaty could help India manage its water requirements better.
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