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Sujoy Ghosh aka 'Chaiwallah' is an ordinary Bharatiya who opposes the dynasty and blogs at


Politically incorrect. Author, Flawed But Fabulous.

reader, writer, dreamer, no one

Average in every department

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Editor, since October 2017

Poet. Engineer. Story Teller. Social Media Observer. Started Bhak Sala on facebook

A well known expert on nothing. Opinions totally personal. RTs, sometimes even my own tweets, not endorsement. #Sarcasm. As unbiased as any popular journalist.

Author of "How United States Shot Humanity", Senior Journalist, TV Presenter

Global Citizen, Kannada roots, Indian values, Man United spirit, Fiscal conservative

Political writer, policy observer.

Tweets on Corporate Laws, Policy, Economics and Politics. Maverick. Lover of Ideas. Slayer of Hoaxes.

A former Army officer, now a Learning and Development consultant, Author of 'Delhi Durbar 1911 - The Complete Story', 'Riding the Raisina Tiger', 'Brave Men of War - Tales of Valour 1965' and 'In the Line of Fire'. Currently also a research fellow at Ministry of Defence, engaged in writing official history of India's participation in First World War. Blogs at

I am a teenager who adores politics, philosophy, history, economics and religious studies. I thoroughly enjoy reading, discussing and writing about everything under the sun. Right now, I'm nothing but a learner who hopes to be a lawyer one day!

Corporate Dropout, Freelance Translator

IIM-A alumnus, Software Sales Professional, Writes about business, economy and politics; Passionate about numbers, facts and analysis Tweets @shashankgoyal01

a Pune based IT professional with keen interest in politics

Optimist, Right winger, Political student trapped in Business suit. Follow me at @maheshjagga

Obsessive eater, Compulsive sleeper, Repulsive Writer

Bollywood, Business, Cricket, Economics, Finance, F1, Football, Indore, Politics, Pune, Technology.

A technology worker, writer and poet, and a concerned Indian

Sports, Satire, Politics, Golgappa.

I'm Not Arguing. I'm Simply Explaining Why I'm Right.

Ashish Dhar, a Mechanical Engineer and an entrepreneur, lives in New Delhi. He is the co-founder of Pragyata, an e-learning portal dedicated to Indic knowledge systems.

Irritating. Irreligious. Opportunist. Group of Atoms. Hypocrite. Selfish.

Student of Law | Graduate in Political Science | Socially Progressive | Fiscally Pragmatic |

Economist by training; humanist in yearning. Interested in Dharma, Culture & Civilisation.

Team to undertake researched stories and projects for

Flying with a Right Wing coz the left one blew!!

Whenever I get a wicked idea, I write for Faking News. They never write back any cheque. Find me on facebook -

A scientist in another life. A science administering clerk now. Observing politics in India, science, and society in general.

You can follow author on Twitter here

All things considered by this ordinary citizen of the world; Calls a spade a spade.

Technologist and Entrepreneur. Keenly interested in India, World History and Current Affairs.

After taking the CAT exam 3 times without success, Anand turned on the IT industry and now resides in Toronto. His aim is to write a 300 page novel, but for now he just about manages to churn out 3 page articles

Urban Affairs and FinTech at Swarajya, blogs at

Instrumentation Engineer - NIT DGP. Business | Football fan | Arsenal Bhakt Communal bigoted Bengali Hindu .  

A Soul in Exile. A Kashmiri Pandit Refugee in India. Tech wage slave in Bangalore. News freak in general.

PHD in Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Start-ups, Governance and Environment. India and Hinduism.

- Vivek Agnihotri is a filmmaker, writer and motivational speaker. He tweets at @vivekagnihotri 

Saumya Dey is an Assistant Professor of History at O.P. Jindal Global University.

The author, a medic and a graduate of the University of Cambridge, is currently a consultant and has over half-a-dozen peer-reviewed scientific publications, ranging from clinical research to population genetics.

Dhaval Patel is a Project Management Consultant based out of Mumbai. He holds interest in Bollywood, Entertainment Industry, Politics and Public policy.

Analyst, Engineer, NITian, MovieHolic & Reviewer, Political Observer, Foodie

Entrepreneur, Infrastructure Systems, Sustainability, Educator, Music, Cultural Anthropology, Dog Lover

A Kashmiri Pandit in Exile -Born Kashmiri, Brought up Dogra.

Amrit Hallan is a casual blogger with an active literary and journalistic aspiration. Also runs a Content Writing Service

BJP & RSS supporter | Manga & Anime lover | I draw a little | निरीश्वर हिन्दू | स्वधर्मे निधनं श्रेयः

Upendra M Pradhan writes the column Voice of Darjeeling for and is editor at large at The Darjeeling Chronicle.

I am 18 year old budding writer. Fighting odds. Always curious. Always learning.

A photo here, a verse there; Of fairer things, some unfair; A troll, a droll, you can choose.

A jack of all trades, I love art, writing, food, travel, finance, animals. Have a canvas or two, a manuscript or two and a website on the anvil at all times. Besides this I have  around 12 years of work experience in Corp Sales across, Hospitality, BFSI & Tech. My last job was with a start-up. Currently I am in between jobs, adjusting to a new continent  with my husband and my cat Gangu in tow!

Follow news by the hour. Agnostic, except on turbulent flights. Center right. ISB Alumnus.

Another opinionated teenager.

Aarti is a certified introvert who loves to study human emotions. A student of English literature whose love is inscribed for books and movies.

Anuraag Saxena is a Singapore-based CA & MBA. He is passionate about Indian heritage and culinary-history, and runs India Pride Project.

An armchair general during his free time, the author blogs about defense and strategic issues at Perspective . His tweeter handle is  KesariDhwaj

Law Student at NUALS, Kochi. Bharathiya, Sanatana Dharmi, മലയാളി.

Committed to Engineering. Having affairs with Philosophy. Heart goes to Linguistics.

Learner, Writer, Life Enthusiast | Live & Let Live, for, To Each His Own

Born in Kashmir. Indic by culture. Occasional writer, avid reader. Love serious cinema, but not TV. Eternal student.

Researcher | Photographer | Tweets on Politics, Current Affairs, Science and other random things at @VibhaSays

Scientist, Educator, Politically Incorrect, Right Wing, Idolator.

Observer, Chronicler, Blogger!

IIM Bangalore grad. Banking professional. Interests include Statistics, Finance, Linguistics, Literature, Indology, Sanskrit, Music, etc.

A Dilliwala, first and last and always !!

Pathologist, Keeping a close watch on societal pathogens.

Slave of the Big4, master of finance, and a user of Oxford commas

"At least allow a loud silence to absorb all the noises." Occasional poet , only for personal pleasure. Post Graduate in Literature. There is no better teacher for you than yourself and no better method than self-study. It takes only yourself out of you. A proud Hindu, have a centre to right attitude, hate dynasty politics, democratisation of the Indian society is the ultimate aim.

Bullshitting sitting in Lutyens Delhi.

Central Govt employee working at ICAR-IVRI, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare.

A professional from the education sector with a strong interest in politics and writing. A fan of RW politics and the PM - but not a blind bhakt!

The author is a Bangalore-based commentator who mostly writes on socio-political and historical issues. He approaches these issues from a centre-right perspective. He has written for online portals like Swarajya and IndiaFacts.

Novelist, blogger, columnist and a RW liberal, his first book, "Democracy 2.0: The Algorithm of Change" in shops through its 2nd edition. Dabbling in Vedantic quest and spirituality. For a living, he works with the Lok Sabha secretariat, New Delhi

Consultant with an MNC. An engineer with an artistic flair. A MICAn. Passionate in Creative Writing, AV Editing, Instrumental Music. Avid reader. Believes in a life of contribution.In Volunteerism.A Proud Indian and a Staunch Hindu believing in 'Follow one,Respect all,Hate none'! Truth Triumphs.

Mediocre writer with average skill set, so you might think. Cocktail-ing satire, sarcasm, humour and wit into mediocrity. Good love for you.

Engineer-Analyst by profession, but the mind wanders into dark woods seeking the truth, making me wise or otherwise. Like to read, interpret and comment/opine on the world events

a senior executive based out of Bangalor with interests in Politics and Public policy.

Just a typical av geek with a fanaticsm for defence Also a team member at the Strategic Frontier Research discussion forum so I can induldge my thirst for specialist knowledge and discussion

Ph.D. Research Scholar in School of Humanities and Social Science at IIT Indore. Previously I have studied in Delhi University for my Masters in Social Work and have Graduated with B.A. Economics at S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, University of Delhi.

Satirist, Writer, Poet. Contributes to NBT, TOI & Fakemfake. हिंदी में व्यंग्य, कटाक्ष और कविता लिखते हैं

Shreyas Bharadwaj is a young conservative.

Student, Avid reader and writer, Geopolitics follower. "A word after a word after a word is power."

Analytics, Big Data, Defence, Politics, Travel, Bullet, India, Football, Tea, Humor & bibulous - May not be in same order

Writer-Editor Wannabe-Author, blogger, poet, novelist, illogical Bhai-tard, vitriolic Gangulian, self-styled philosopher, wannabe politician, lost in this world. (Over) Thinker. Writing is all I know, that's all I can do!

Carrying out Surgical Strike against Corrupt Arvind Kejriwal, देश से प्यार, दिल्ली से मोहब्बत. भारत माता की जय, दिल्ली जल्दी बदलेगी, M.L.A. from Karawal Nagar

Trying to apply strategic thinking from pottery to politics.

High on chai and life

Sri Amitabha Ghosh, IA&AS, was born in the respected Ghosh Dastidar family. He is the son of Acharya Debaprad Ghosh, an Indian mathematician, linguist, lawyer, journalist, educationist and statesman. After completing his M.A. in Statistics, he joined the Indian Accounts and Auditing Service. He was the Accountant General of Bihar in his outstanding career.

Ashwini Anand is a libertarian and was formerly a Founding Member of Citizens for Accountable Governance- one of India's premier socio-political organizations credited with having changed electioneering in India. He is an engineer & financial analyst by training.

Himanshu and Karthik are both finance professionals working for international consulting firms based out of Doha having similar ideologies on National affairs and co author all the articles.

Nachiketa is an IT professional based in Bangalore.

Engineer, Nation 1st

Opinionated about every topic under the sun but opinions backed with hard fact. Right leaning writer with interests in Aviation, History and Politics. Tweeting from the handle @iabhishek_j .

Founder - Namo Brigade, Management Consultant, Amateur Economist, Politically Conservative and believer in the supremacy of facts, NITK-Surathkal, XLRI alumnus

Chartered Accountant,Blogger,Writer and Political Analyst. Author of the Book- इस दशक के नेता : नरेंद्र मोदी.

नया कुछ भी नहीं है, सब सुना हुआ ही है यहाँ.

Dr. Abedi is an Indian-American born in Mumbai, India to a Muslim family and raised in India & the United States. She currently wears multiple hats as a writer, a women’s rights activist, and a physician entrepreneur. She advocates for global public health, health laws and hopes for perfect humanism towards women one day. 

Exposing media and hypocrites on Twitter

Australian Muslim Faith Leader and Educator Imam of The Islamic Association of South Australia Former Diplomatic Delegate of The Grand Islamic Jurisdiction (Qum)

Interested in Science, Religion, Politics, History, Literature, Technology

Virag Padalkar is a project management consultant by profession. He spends his spare time trekking in the Sahyadri mountains.

Sankrant is an entrepreneur and author based in Seattle and Gurugram. He blogs at and can be followed on twitter @sankrant.

Mtech Chemical Engineering student at IITD. Liberal. Positive guy. Blue Pill advocate.

Analyst, accountant, asset manager.

A Media Marketeer for last 13 Years ,  a quintessential Bihari who still refers to Himself as "Hum" most of the times. A History (Hons) from Kirori Mal College. Post that did PGDMM from Times School of Management and started my career from Times of India in 2004, went on to work with many TV news channels like CNBC , TIMES NOW- ET NOW, AAJTAK and currently working for Star World and Fox Life. Living in Delhi since 1999, hails from Patna, Bihar. Student of Politics/ Religion/ Sufism/ History.

T Ramesh Venkatraman is a management consultant and entrepreneur. He is a student of Sanatana Dharma and an avid blogger/writer who blogs at ‘The Curated Life’ and ‘Politically Right Views'

Hammer of the left, Theologian of the Right, Unabashed elitist, I oppress for fun.

The author is a JNU alumnus and is currently employed as an Officer of the Government of West Bengal.

PhD Research Scholar, International Relations at South Asian University, New Delhi.

Litigation. New Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. Personally Atheist - Nationally Hindu.

The author works with IGNOU as Assistant Registrar. He frequently blogs/writes articles on social and political subjects. A post graduate in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, he also holds a post graduate diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. He may contacted on [email protected]

Mayank Singh is the author of Wolf's Lair, a rare Indian Military thriller which has earned rave reviews from experts in the field. He is passionate about issues of National Security, Foreign Policy and Geopolitics and has contributed to Fair Observer, The Times of India, Firstpost and Swarajya. Mayank is also the founder of Kashi Manthan, which looks to empower the youth with dialogues on issue of Leadership, National Security and Social issues.

Online Education via tutorials and visuals in Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Programming and Engineering.

Author of Best Seller Book "Kuch Woh Pal" | Engineer | Writer | Traveller | Social Media Observer | Twitter - @ChickenBiryanii

The author is a Bengaluru-based journalist. He has worked for the Hindustan Times newspaper and website, CyberMedia, the Centre for Science & Environment and IT market research firm IDC India.

#VerifiedSanghi | उत्तिष्ठ भारत | Half-Intellectual | Classless Liberal | #Pickletard | #NotAQueerGiraffe #KeepCalmAndAlpenliebe

Rajiv Malhotra is an internationally known researcher, writer, speaker and public intellectual on current affairs as they relate to civilizations, cross-cultural encounters, religion and science.

Journalist, blogger, teacher, cynic, work-from-home editor, 31 yrs with HT, Car & Bike, Sakal Times.

Karan Jani is a co-recipient of the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, a Senator Nunn Fellow on National Security and the Student Vice-President at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Constituted of Dharma, Bhakti and Science.

Ideas, not partisanship. Economist. Co-author: Indianomix. Not a journalist. Commentator @foreignpolicy @WSJIndia @GlobeandMail

Rahul Kaushik is a Digital entrepreneur based in Delhi. He often comes in TV debates representing social media and is on Twitter as @kaushkrahul. (

Proud Indian || Cricket || Tennis || Current Affairs || Social Media Enthusiast || Excessive Ranter

I am an Information Technologist by profession and a freelance blog writer. Interested in topics India's national interest, science, nature, religion and everything else about the universe.

Dreamer, Thinker, Nationalist, Writer, Political Junkie.

Strategy and Research Consultant with interests in digital, startups, technology, talent branding, social media, bollywood, politics, food and desserts!

OSD (Officer on Special Duty) – Chief Minister Government of Chhattisgarh

Anuradha Goyal is the author of The Mouse Charmers - Digital Pioneers of India. She authors IndiTales - a leading travel blog from India that can also be read in Hindi, and AnuReviews - a book reviews blog with over 600 books reviewed across genres. In her earlier avatar, she has worked in IT industry for 12 years & led business innovation initiatives. She has lived across 15 cities in India and abroad before choosing to live in Goa with her library.

Public Health Scientist, Hindustani Singer, Kuchipudi Dancer, Ardent Traveller, Polyglot. Badly needs a break!

I currently teach in the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies and Management, Sikkim University.  I am Associate Professor and Head of the Department at the moment. I hold PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and specialise in Environmental Security, Development Studies and issues around Human Security.

Pratyasha Rath is a social sector consultant with a keen interest in politics, policy and all things Odisha.

Will be joining [email protected] as a post-doc. Did Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University. ॐ नमः शिवाय|

Siddharth Acharya is an advocate practising in Supreme Court of India and National Company Law Tribunal. He is a lawyer by profession but a documentary film-maker and writer by passion. Siddharth has done some commendable documentary films on Jammu and Kashmir like The Abandoned Cranes on Kashmiri Pandits and Article 35 a and Unspoken Catastrophe on plight of West Pak refugees.

A social activist, progressive and philanthropist researcher.

Founder, Writer, and Curator at Bookstalkist; Technology Analyst; Poet.

An award winning radio journalist known for high -profile radio campaigns.

Between 2000-06, I published and since 2006 have been restoring 17 acres of wasteland and reporting it at In 2004, having entered my 70s, I discovered I was a Hindu really, thanks to intellectual phoneys and secular humbugs in the media and politics. I primarily write at

Defence | Aerospace | History | Law

A consultant journalist by profession with over five years of experience. He works on business, crime, Bollywood, and political stories. The Author holds a BA degree and Diploma in Cyber Law. Hates news traders and leftist journalists who twist the truth to misguide viewers and to satisfy their political masters. You can email him- [email protected]

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