Congress trolls get back to the business of spreading fake news, claim ‘cracks’ appeared in Atal Setu in Mumbai, India Today and Times Now join in: Here is the truth

The official involved in the construction of Atal Setu had rejected the rumours of cracks on the bridge, clarifying that temporarily-built service road had developed some minor cracks after rains.

Derogatory memes, deepfakes and fantasies about invading India: How extremists are using AI to dehumanise the Hindu community

MEMRI exposed how white supremacists had been scaremongering about demographic change in the UK and using Indians as bait to allege the growing presence of immigrants in the country.

Delhi HC suspends Arvind Kejriwal’s bail till final decision in ED’s Stay Application

Arvind Kejriwal was granted bail by a Delhi Court on Thursday, prompting the ED to approach the High Court on Friday morning.

Patna HC strikes down 65% reservation law: Here’s how similar laws in other states were struck down by courts while Tamil Nadu continues to give 69% caste quota

It is pertinent to mention that the RJD-JDU-led Bihar government's amendments in November last year, based on a state-wide caste census, increased reservations to 20% for Scheduled Castes, 2% for…

No Bill Maher, PM Modi did not ‘lose big’ in India: Here is why you need to stop misleading your American audience

Despite a grand alliance of 20+ rival political parties and a growing anti-incumbency, BJP emerged victorious under the leadership of PM Modi.

The Jihad problem of Jammu and Kashmir: Here are the incidents of targeted killing of Hindus over the years, ‘Raliv, Galiv, Chaliv’ is still on

Hindus have been attacked and killed indiscriminately in Jammu and Kashmir for decades by Pakistan-backed terrorists.

Pakistan: Islamist mob burns tourist alive over allegation that he desecrated Quran, drags victim out of the police station and lynches him

The Swat police had initially taken the 'blasphemy accused' into its custody. However, the frenzied Muslim mob charged at the police station, dragged out the victim and took him away.

Eid 2024 in 18 incidents: How the Islamic festival was used to unleash insult, violence against Hindus, desecrate Temples and more

On Eid-al-Adha, instead of celebrating their festival, Islamists in several parts of the country were preoccupied with attacking and mocking Hindus

OpIndia Impact: Nuh Police files FIR after OpIndia’s news goes viral, assures justice to Dalit couple who were assaulted by Zubair, Ansar, Imtiyaz and others

The victim thanked OpIndia for its extensive reporting of the case and said that the police procedure began only after the incident was reported by the media.

Aligarh: How Islamists are twisting a case where a thief was beaten into a case of ‘lynching of a Muslim by Hindutva mob’

The Aligarh lynching case was one of self defence after the thief entered a Hindu house, not one of Muslim victimisation