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Big Tech database to target ‘extremist content’ from ‘white supremacists’ and ‘far right militias’: Report

GIFCT will expand its database to target 'extremist content' shared by 'white supremacists' and 'far-right militias', Reuters has reported.

Underworld gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s alleged girlfriend Mehwish Hayat wants to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan: Details

Actor Mehwish Hayat stated she was impressed by Imran Khan and wants to succeed him as Pakistan's next Prime Minister.

Chinese citizens harass foreign journalists after BBC questions govt’s failure in containing floods: Here is what happened

Chinese citizens with 100K+ followers have accused DW and BBC of spreading rumours after the govt was questioned on Zhengzhou floods

The Michigan Kidnapping Conspiracy: How a US army veteran-turned-FBI informant instigated a plot to abduct a Governor

Dan's job was to pass on crucial information to the FBI, participate in group activities with the condition that he must not do anything illegal.

US Army General has a meltdown after being questioned by Twitter user, netizens accuse him of trying to crush their free speech right

US Army Major General Patrick Donahoe was riled up after a Twitter user cornered him on suicide deaths in the Department of Defense.

Mirabai Chanu’s silver medal may turn into gold, Chinese weightlifter to undergo dope test: Reports

Chinese weightlifter Zhihui Hou who had won gold has been asked to undergo a dope test, as per reports.

China’s Huawei hires Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta, Trump administration had branded Huawei national security threat

Tony Podesta hired by Huawei as lobbyist to smoothen relationships with Biden administration

No Russian flag, no Russian anthem at Olympics. Know why Russia is competing in Tokyo 2020 under a new name

Russia's contingent of 335 sportspersons are participating in the Tokyo Olympics not under their country's name or flag, but under the name of ROC.

FBI helped instigate plot to kidnap Michigan Governor, framed Trump supporters as US establishment prepares for domestic war on terror

A Buzzfeed report has revealed that 12 FBI informants were not only part of the conspiracy but also instigated the Michigan Governor kidnapping plot.

Germany: Homosexuals face intimidation from Muslim immigrants, attacked frequently outside gay bars

Muslim immigrants into Europe has turned out to be nightmare for homosexuals as they are getting attacked by the Islamists