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The court can be discretionary but not whimsical: Dangerous waters, comments by Judges in Nupur Sharma case and legality of oral observations

The Judges of the Supreme Court made off-the-cuff remarks in the Nupur Sharma case that has enraged the nation - a dissection

Hindu Lives Matter is a ‘dangerous slogan’ after Kanhaiya Lal beheading: How Time Magazine is trying to snatch away our last remaining recourse

Throughout her article, Time reporter Sanya Mansoor used a brutal episode of Islamist terror to build a case against the Hindu community.

TMC’s Saket Gokhale asks AG to initiate contempt proceedings against us: Here is why this is a hill I am willing to die on

TMC leader Saket Gokhale has approached the AG to initiate contempt proceedings against OpIndia for its criticism of Judges' remarks in Nupur Sharma case

‘Goli maaro saalo ko’ is not same as ‘sar tan se juda’: You and I are not same

'Goli maaro saalo ko' is rhetorical, whereas 'sar tan se juda' paints a specific target. Not the same thing.

Maharashtra Masterstroke: How BJP shattered dreams of Uddhav Thackeray, defeated Sharad Pawar’s backroom politics

BJP did the unimaginable by making Eknath Shinde the next CM of Maharashtra, which can be called a masterstroke

The horrendous Kanhaiya Lal beheading and the 13 shameless tricks liberals are using while reacting to it

Let us study the reaction of this gang to the horrendous Udaipur murder by their Islamist pals.

Jihadi in saffron clothing: Why Liberals are more than happy to peddle the “Kanhaiya killer was a BJP member” conspiracy theory

It has only been days since Jihadis brutally beheaded Kanhaiya Lal, a shopkeeper in Rajasthan, for extending support to Nupur Sharma.

Dear Milords, did you provoke the Islamists too with your ‘loose tongues’

The Supreme Court of India today essentially declared former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma a blasphemer.

Udaipur beheading: While NIA starts investigation, let us not forget the terror enablers are walking around us, influencing public opinion

It is to be realized that much like how the Turkic invaders who sit on high horses today, in the public discourse, radical Islamists of the modern age have a…

From ‘hospital in place of Ram Mandir’ to wearing Hindu identity on sleeve: Hindutva as response to Left Liberal and deep Nehruvian State

Hindutva essentially means “Hindu + Tattva” which roughly translates as “soul and existence of Hinduism”. In today’s time we consider Hindutva as Hinduism which resists.