Troll-cum-journalist Swati Chaturvedi mocks PM Modi, becomes a joke herself

Swati Chaturvedi shared an edited clip of Modi mocking him for referring to ports as 'bandar'
CRPF bans its soldiers from playing PUBG

CRPF bans PUBG, says game addiction affecting operational capabilities of jawans

PUBG is an online multiplayer battle game developed by a South Korean Firm.

Fact check: Mayawati lied that Narendra Modi included his caste in OBC list when he was Gujarat CM

Mayawati is lying by saying that Modi made his caste OBC when he was Gujarat CM

Prime Minister Modi meets his mother, ‘liberals’ have a meltdown

Apparently, the prime minister meeting his mother is not a normal thing and is ridiculed by 'liberals'

Fact check: Did Prime Minister Modi use an abusive word as claimed by Congress

Unfortunate that Congress has stooped so low that they have resorted to such cheap tactics out of sheer desperation

Congress does not want India to progress, Prime Minister Modi tears into ‘Mahamilavat’ at a rally in Gujarat

Prime Minister Modi campaigns in Gujarat on the last day of campaigning before the state goes to polls on April 23

Man who slapped Hardik Patel at a rally in Gujarat explains why he did it

Taran Gujjar, the man who slapped Hardik Patel, explained that he had a problem with Hardik Patel shutting Gujarat down when "he wants to" while saying that Hardik thinks of himself a "Gujarat's Hitler".

BJP wants to get me killed: Hardik Patel alleges after a man slaps him in public rally

It is good he didn't have a gun or he would have shot me: Hardik Patel accuses BJP of trying to get him killed after he got slapped

Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja endorses Prime Minister Narendra Modi, tweets his support for the BJP

Last month his wife Rivaba had formally joined the BJP

I wanted respect, but all I got was insult. Congress has backstabbed me: Alpesh Thakor resigns from the party

Thakor Sena, headed by Alpesh Thakor had decided to withdraw support from Congress

Gujarat Voting Date and Polling Schedule Lok Sabha Election 2019

StateConstituency NameReserved for (SC/ST/None)PhaseDate of pollingLast Election Margin2014 NOTAOpinion Poll Outcome2014 Winner
GujaratKachchhSC3April 23, 2019
GujaratBanaskanthaNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratPatanNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratMahesanaNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratSabarkanthaNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratGandhinagarNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratAhmedabad EastNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratAhmedabad WestSC3April 23, 2019
GujaratSurendranagarNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratRajkotNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratPorbandarNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratJamnagarNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratJunagadhNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratAmreliNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratBhavnagarNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratAnandNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratKhedaNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratPanchmahalNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratDahodST3April 23, 2019
GujaratVadodaraNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratChhota UdaipurST3April 23, 2019
GujaratBharuchNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratBardoliST3April 23, 2019
GujaratSuratNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratNavsariNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratValsadST3April 23, 2019