Gujarat: Bhuj college principal, 3 others arrested for forcing 64 girls to ‘strip’ to undergo ‘menstrual checks’

Principal and three others of Bhuj college arrested after allegations surfaced that girls were made to strip down to 'prove' they are not menstruating.

Gujarat: Karachi-bound ship from China detained at Kandla port over wrongly declaring cargo that could be used for launching ballistic missiles

The ship is reportedly currently undergoing a detailed inspection at Kandla port in Gujarat.
Gujarat: FIR against college authroities for forcibly stripping students to see whether they are menstruating

Gujarat: FIR filed against college principal and warden for allegedly forcing 64 female students to strip to prove they were not menstruating

FIR filed against principal, warden and others of Gujarat college for forcibly striping students to check whether they are menstruating

Gujarat: 25-year-old man booked under Parents and Senior Citizen Act for forcing grandmother to beg on street

Ahmedabad police books man with charges of forcing his 70-year-old grandmother to beg on streets every day

UK court refuses extradition of couple who had got their adopted son murdered in India for Insurance money, as it will breach their human rights

Indian couple who got their adopted son murdered for insurance money will not be extradited on grounds of human rights
Gujarat: Clash broke out between 2 communities following Jumma Namaz

Gujarat: Following Jumma Namaz, Hindus and Muslims clash allegedly over ‘flying kites’, one villager, Vinod Chawda dead

The situation is now under control and investigation is underway. Police deployment has also been increased heavily.

Gujarat: Case registered against Hindu mother for baptising her 8-year-old son without consent of father and district collector

A single Hindu mother who had her son baptised at a local church in Anand eight years ago was booked under the Gujarat Freedom of Religion Act

Gujarat: Congress leader Hardik Patel arrested in 2017 case as soon as he walked out of prison in 2015 sedition case

Patel was given bail today after he was taken into judicial custody on 18th January 2019.
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra bats for Hardik Patel who was convicted for rioting, blames BJP for a court ordered arrest

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra bats for Hardik Patel who was convicted for rioting, blames BJP for a court ordered arrest

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said Hardik Patel has been fighting for the employment of youth and the rights of farmers.

Gujarat Voting Date and Polling Schedule Lok Sabha Election 2019

StateConstituency NameReserved for (SC/ST/None)PhaseDate of pollingLast Election Margin2014 NOTAOpinion Poll Outcome2014 Winner
GujaratKachchhSC3April 23, 2019
GujaratBanaskanthaNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratPatanNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratMahesanaNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratSabarkanthaNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratGandhinagarNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratAhmedabad EastNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratAhmedabad WestSC3April 23, 2019
GujaratSurendranagarNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratRajkotNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratPorbandarNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratJamnagarNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratJunagadhNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratAmreliNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratBhavnagarNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratAnandNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratKhedaNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratPanchmahalNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratDahodST3April 23, 2019
GujaratVadodaraNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratChhota UdaipurST3April 23, 2019
GujaratBharuchNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratBardoliST3April 23, 2019
GujaratSuratNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratNavsariNone3April 23, 2019
GujaratValsadST3April 23, 2019