Uttar Pradesh 2019 Lok Sabha Elections News, Polling Date Schedule

Uttar Pradesh goes for polls in 7 phases with voting in every phase of 2018 Lok Sabha election. Like every other election, uttar Pradesh will be the most important and play the king maker for 2019 Election. Will PM Modi and Yogi combination work again?

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Uttar Pradesh 2019 Lok Sabha Elections News

AMU cleric arrested on accusation of sexually harassing a 9-year-old girl whom he used to teach Quran

Cleric of mosque inside AMU admits that he sexually molested a 9-year-old girl, arrested
Muslim barbers refuse haircuts to Dalits

Uttar Pradesh: Muslims in Peepalsana village in Moradabad desert barbers for offering haircuts to Dalits

Muslim customers, who were angered by this move, have decided to boycott the barbers in the area
Church of North India amidst land scam worth Rs 10,000 crores

Church scam: Fraudulent land deals, illegal sale of over 10,000 crores reported in Christian organisations of Uttar Pradesh

Bishop Peter Baldev and 16 others were booked yesterday in an FIR filed by John Augustine, the Bishop of Diocese of Lucknow, The Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon at the civil lines police station in Lucknow.
BJP MLA daughter, husband kidnapped

BJP MLA’s daughter’s husband ‘roughed up’, another couple ‘kidnapped’ from premises of the Allahabad High Court

The media reports suggesting BJP MLA's daughter kidnapped from Allahabad High Court premises are false.

Upset over death of cows Yogi Adityanath suspends 8 officers for negligence, 3 others sent show cause notice

Yogi also issued a warning that in future, criminal proceedings could also be initiated under the Prevention of Animal husbandry Act and Animal Prevention Act.

‘Mazrool said he would make me Musalmani’, said the wife molested by Muslim men who thrashed her husband and hurled casteist abuses

Sonkar has alleged that Mazrool and some other men have been pressurising him to shut down the coaching centre.

SP leader Azam Khan to be listed as land mafia on the Anti-Bhoo Mafia portal of Uttar Pradesh government

Azam Khan will be listed as land mafia considering his long history of involvement in land grabbing cases
Muslim barbers refuse haircuts to Dalits

Muslim barbers in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, refuse haircuts to Dalits

Muslim barbers say that if Dalits get their haircut and shaving done at their saloons, the towels will get 'dirty' and Muslims will stop visiting their shops.
Unnao Madarsa students

Unnao: Police says CCTV footage reveals that Hindu boys mentioned in FIR weren’t even present at the spot

The police have informed that the madarsa students had an argument with one of the 4 people in the other group which led to a clash.

Unnao madarsa students were injured in a fight over cricket, not beaten over chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’: UP Police

UP police denies reports that Madrassa students in Unnao were thrashed for not chanting Jai Shree Ram

UP Lok Sabha Election Voting Dates and Polling Schedule

StateConstituency NameDate of pollingPhaseReserved for (SC/ST/None)2014 WinnerVote ShareWin MarginRunner-upNOTA
Uttar Pradesh (UP)SaharanpurApril 11, 20191NoneBJP39.5965090INC11084
Uttar Pradesh (UP)KairanaApril 11, 20191NoneBJP50.54236828SP3903
Uttar Pradesh (UP)MuzaffarnagarApril 11, 20191NoneBJP58.98401150BSP4739
Uttar Pradesh (UP)BijnorApril 11, 20191NoneBJP45.922,05,774SP5775
Uttar Pradesh (UP)MeerutApril 11, 20191NoneBJP47.862,32,326SP5213
Uttar Pradesh (UP)BaghpatApril 11, 20191NoneBJP42.152,09,866SP3911
Uttar Pradesh (UP)GhaziabadApril 11, 20191NoneBJP56.55,67,260SP6205
Uttar Pradesh (UP)Gautam Buddha NagarApril 11, 20191NoneBJP502,80,212SP3836
Uttar Pradesh (UP)AmrohaApril 18, 20192NoneBJP48.261,58,214SP7779
Uttar Pradesh (UP)NaginaApril 18, 20192SCBJP39.0292390SP6470
Uttar Pradesh (UP)BulandshahrApril 18, 20192SCBJP59.834,21,973SP6915
Uttar Pradesh (UP)AligarhApril 18, 20192NoneBJP48.342,86,736SP6183
Uttar Pradesh (UP)HathrasApril 18, 20192SCBJP51.873,26,386SP5669
Uttar Pradesh (UP)MathuraApril 18, 20192NoneBJP53.293,30,743SP1953
Uttar Pradesh (UP)AgraApril 18, 20192SCBJP54.533,00,263BSP5191
Uttar Pradesh (UP)Fatehpur SikriApril 18, 20192NoneBJP44.06 1,73,106BSP2677
Uttar Pradesh (UP)MoradabadApril 23, 20193NoneBJP43.0187504SP5207
Uttar Pradesh (UP)RampurApril 23, 20193NoneBJP37.4223435SP6905
Uttar Pradesh (UP)SambhalApril 23, 20193NoneBJP34.085174SP7658
Uttar Pradesh (UP)FirozabadApril 23, 20193NoneSP48.391,14,059BJP4654
Uttar Pradesh (UP)MainpuriApril 23, 20193NoneSP59.633,64,666BJP6323
Uttar Pradesh (UP)EtahApril 23, 20193NoneBJP51.282,01,001SP6201
Uttar Pradesh (UP)BadaunApril 23, 20193NoneSP48.51,66,347BJP6286
Uttar Pradesh (UP)AonlaApril 23, 20193NoneBJP41.161,38,429BJP10496
Uttar Pradesh (UP)BareillyApril 23, 20193NoneBJP50.92,40,685SP6737
Uttar Pradesh (UP)PilibhitApril 23, 20193NoneBJP52.063,07,052SP11521
Uttar Pradesh (UP)ShahjahanpurApril 29, 20194SCBJP46.452,35,529BSP9964
Uttar Pradesh (UP)KheriApril 29, 20194NoneBJP36.981,10,274BSP12031
Uttar Pradesh (UP)HardoiApril 29, 20194SCBJP37.0581343BSP7660
Uttar Pradesh (UP)MisrikhApril 29, 20194SCBJP41.3387363BSP9633
Uttar Pradesh (UP)UnnaoApril 29, 20194NoneBJP43.173,10,173SP4626
Uttar Pradesh (UP)FarrukhabadApril 29, 20194NoneBJP41.84150502SP1986
Uttar Pradesh (UP)EtawahApril 29, 20194SCBJP46.711,72,946SP6165
Uttar Pradesh (UP)KannaujApril 29, 20194NoneBJP43.8919907BJP7380
Uttar Pradesh (UP)Kanpur UrbanApril 29, 20194NoneBJP56.842,22,946INC2278
Uttar Pradesh (UP)AkbarpurApril 29, 20194NoneBJP49.572,78,997BSP3948
Uttar Pradesh (UP)JalaunApril 29, 20194SCBJP49.462,87,202BSP10291
Uttar Pradesh (UP)JhansiApril 29, 20194NoneBJP43.61,90,467SP13959
Uttar Pradesh (UP)HamirpurApril 29, 20194NoneBJP46.412,66,788SP10449
Uttar Pradesh (UP)DhaurahraMay 6, 20195NoneBJP33.991,25,675BSP12776
Uttar Pradesh (UP)SitapurMay 6, 20195NoneBJP40.6651027BSP12682
Uttar Pradesh (UP)MohanlalganjMay 6, 20195SCBJP40.771,45,416BSP4708
Uttar Pradesh (UP)LucknowMay 6, 20195NoneBJP54.232,72,749INC4596
Uttar Pradesh (UP)Rae BareliMay 6, 20195NoneBJP63.83,52,713BJP7915
Uttar Pradesh (UP)AmethiMay 6, 20195NoneBJP46.711,07,903BJP1784
Uttar Pradesh (UP)BandaMay 6, 20195NoneBJP39.841,15,788BSP
Uttar Pradesh (UP)FatehpurMay 6, 20195NoneBJP44.061,73,106BSP2677
Uttar Pradesh (UP)KaushambiMay 6, 20195SCSP44.7155789BSP2500
Uttar Pradesh (UP)BarabankiMay 6, 20195SCBJP42.522,11,878INC8726
Uttar Pradesh (UP)FaizabadMay 6, 20195NoneBJP48.082,82,775SP11537
Uttar Pradesh (UP)BahraichMay 6, 20195SCBJP46.2895645SP13498
Uttar Pradesh (UP)KaiserganjMay 6, 20195NoneBJP40.4478218SP11853
Uttar Pradesh (UP)GondaMay 6, 20195NoneBJP41.161,60,416SP7988
Uttar Pradesh (UP)Ambedkar NagarMay 12, 20196NoneBJP41.771,39,429BSP7422
Uttar Pradesh (UP)SultanpurMay 12, 20196NoneBJP42.511,78,902BSP5412
Uttar Pradesh (UP)PratapgarhMay 12, 20196NoneAD42.011,68,222BSP9098
Uttar Pradesh (UP)PhulpurMay 12, 20196NoneBJP52.433,08,308SP8424
Uttar Pradesh (UP)AllahabadMay 12, 20196NoneBJP35.198,91,586SP3624
Uttar Pradesh (UP)ShrawastiMay 12, 20196NoneBJP35.385913SP14587
Uttar Pradesh (UP)DomariyaganjMay 12, 20196NoneBJP31.961,03,588BSP6775
Uttar Pradesh (UP)BastiMay 12, 20196NoneBJP34.1133562SP10168
Uttar Pradesh (UP)Sant Kabir NagarMay 12, 20196NoneBJP34.4797978BSP4747
Uttar Pradesh (UP)LalganjMay 12, 20196SCBJP36.0263086SP7713
Uttar Pradesh (UP)AzamgarhMay 12, 20196NoneSP35.4363204BJP5660
Uttar Pradesh (UP)JaunpurMay 12, 20196NoneBJP36.451,46,310BSP2595
Uttar Pradesh (UP)MachhlishahrMay 12, 20196SCBJP43.911,72,155BSP18777
Uttar Pradesh (UP)BhadohiMay 12, 20196NoneBJP41.11,58,039BSP8969
Uttar Pradesh (UP)MaharajganjMay 19, 20197NoneBJP
Uttar Pradesh (UP)GorakhpurMay 19, 20197NoneBJP51.83,12,783SP8153
Uttar Pradesh (UP)Kushi NagarMay 19, 20197NoneBJP38.9285540BJP10102
Uttar Pradesh (UP)DeoriaMay 19, 20197NoneBJP51.072,65,386BSP12405
Uttar Pradesh (UP)BansgaonMay 19, 20197SCBJP47.611,89,516BSP13495
Uttar Pradesh (UP)GhosiMay 19, 20197NoneBJP36.521,46,015BSP18162
Uttar Pradesh (UP)SalempurMay 19, 20197NoneBJP45.832,32,342BSP8322
Uttar Pradesh (UP)BalliaMay 19, 20197NoneBJP38.181,39,434SP6670
Uttar Pradesh (UP)GhazipurMay 19, 20197NoneBJP31.1132452SP5611
Uttar Pradesh (UP)ChandauliMay 19, 20197NoneBJP42.231,56,756BSP15598
Uttar Pradesh (UP)VaranasiMay 19, 20197NoneBJP56.373,71,884AAP0
Uttar Pradesh (UP)MirzapurMay 19, 20197NoneAD43.322,19,079BSP4539
Uttar Pradesh (UP)RobertsganjMay 19, 20197SCBJP42.691,90,486BSP18489