Monday, June 21, 2021


No crown for the Prince? BSP says Rahul cannot become the PM because of his mother’s foreign origin

The BSP, with 4 Rajya Sabha and zero Lok Sabha seats at present, wants Mayawati as the PM candidate

Madhya Pradesh welcomes Hardik Patel with eggs and sandals, seven people arrested

This was the second attack on Patel’s cavalcade in the day

Why Congress is finished in Karnataka

In the relentlessly competitive sphere of Indian politics, they can expect to be taken to the cleaners.

Rebel Congress supporter reveals how Cambridge Analytica convinced the party to be its client

The Congress had earlier denied any form of involvement with Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica was to help Congress ‘when it faces its first existential challenge at the 2019 Lok Sabha’?

Open Magazine claims to be in possession of documents that suggest the same.

A brief history of prohibition in India

Many states in India have experimented with prohibition till date

Lotus rising: BJP’s amazing sunrise in Odisha

BJP spreads into new geography, opening up a new chapter in the history of the state and the party.

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