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Siddharth Varadarajan gives a demo of what real intolerance looks like

Will Siddharth Varadarajan apologise for threatening a Dalit scholar?

Lost in satire: Anand Ranganathan’s brilliant tweet triggers the usual suspect

Many mistakenly thought he had fallen for a parody account.
Congress party spent more than it earned in 2017 claims ADR report

Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan unhappy with Rahul Gandhi for using their name in political fights

Rahul Gandhi insinuated the financial gains of Shirdi Industries as 'Shirdi ke chamatkar'

10 things Ambedkar said that Indian secularists wouldn’t bear to hear

Don't leave the room just yet, Dear Liberals

Rahul Gandhi fails to answer questions and lies profusely in his interaction with traders in Karnataka

Congress president resorted to blatant lies and baseless fear mongering in his interaction
When a leftist website ensured an outpouring of devotion for Lord Hanuman on Twitter

Lord Hanuman is not merely a benign devotee of Shri Rama, He is also a fearsome warrior

Faced by a million threats, Hindus are turning towards the warrior aspect of our Gods.
Will Rahul Gandhi apologise for meeting these vile and abusive supporters of his?

Will Rahul Gandhi apologise for meeting his vile and abusive supporters?

The proud supporters of Rahul Gandhi have a long history of being vile abusive and defamatory

Smriti Irani cracks down on fake news peddlers, senior journalists have a very public meltdown

Many journalists who are calling the clamp down on fake news 'draconian' have themselves indulged in fake news.

Shashi Tharoor drags BJP into college fee hike, Uttarakhand CM accuses him of spreading falsehood

The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand clarified that his government had already directed the colleges to roll back the fee hike.

This is how Ola can revolutionize news industry, but maybe they will surrender

Ola could be trying an April Fool's prank with Ola News Network, but they should actually do it. This is why.
Yogi Adityanath inaugurates India's longest six-lane elevated road in UP's Ghaziabad

UP CM Yogi Adityanath inaugurates India’s longest six-lane elevated road in Ghaziabad

It is dubbed as the longest of its kind road in India

Is a section of media trying to protect the Congress from any exposure to Cambridge Analytica?

Is there is an urgent need to absolve Congress from its alleged link to Cambridge Analytica ?
Varanasi becomes a 'wireless city' after its electricity distribution network goes completely underground

Varanasi frees up its skies, by making its electricity distribution network completely underground

This is one of the many development projects completed in the city

Woman claims protesting JNU students blocked traffic, danced on drum beats, even as an injured child bled profusely

Many came doubting the woman's claims because she didn't click pictures of bleeding child.
Pro congress journo and abusive troll post insensitive tweets post BJP loss in Gorakhpur

Pro congress journo and abusive troll post insensitive tweets after BJP loses Gorakhpur bypoll

BJP lost the Gorakhpur and Phulpur By-Polls yesterday
Uttar Pradesh gears up ahead of Ram Janmabhoomi verdict

Unfavourable arithmetic aside, BJP must learn these lessons from UP by-polls

It may be a blip, but introspection is must.
Why political parties nominating 'journalists' to Rajya Sabha might be the death of the profession

Why ‘journalists’ being nominated to Rajya Sabha has again exposed the fundamental flaws of the profession

'Journalist' Kumar Ketkar has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha by the Congress party

Exposé on Adhia receiving ‘gifts’ proves economic downturn and curbing of civil liberties in Modi raj

Today we are forced to debate: Why did an official not accept a bribe, instead of debating, why an officer took bribe

Anand Ranganathan’s fate at Newslaundry is a living proof of O’Sullivan’s law

O Sullivan's law states 'All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing'

Case study of how Indian TV awards reward channels for fake news

Above examples prove without doubt, that there is something seriously wrong with most Indian TV News awards

Even as IT department slaps 436.8 crore fine on NDTV, ministers and bureaucrats continue to patronise the channel

even as NDTV slips deeper into fraud allegations and probes, Government officials and ministers still promoting it

Yogi Adityanath makes huge announcement, to fill up over 1.62 lakh vacancies in the police department

He said anyone indulging in corruption would be sent to jail

This new and improved script of Padmaavat should put a smile on the liberal, pseudo-feminist face

Twitter user Pratyasha Rath has a brilliant offer for modern-day feminists: a new version of Padmaavat

Baijayant Panda suspended from BJD, what lies ahead for him

The popular belief is he will join BJP, but is that going to be anytime soon?

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