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Yes Shekhar Gupta, Maoists aren’t the brightest bulbs in the room, but neither are you or ‘The Print’

There are people in his own media house retweeting netizens shaming Shekhar for his views
How Media waters down 'cow vigilantism' reports when the mob is a Muslim mob

Bypoll results: when ‘journalists’ turned strategists for the ‘Opposition’

2019 elections are upon us and the machinery is getting well oiled.

BJP is set to lose MP and Rajasthan, says CSDS. Here is their track record

The recent track record of CSDS does not speak too well of them.

Supreme Court lawyer tries to moral police IPS officer who gives her a fitting reply

IPS officer had shared a picture with BJP leader Subramanian Swamy

Why you must question the mainstream media

We must be vigilant
Saba Naqvi, Outlook

Journalist uses rape analogy for Bhansali inviting Karni Sena to watch Padmavat, gets flak

She compared violence by Karni Sena to a woman getting raped.

Ram Rahim Verdict: how some indulged in whataboutery while people died

Indian "liberals" shocking whataboutery on Gurmeet Ram Rahim conviction and Dera violence comparing it to Kashmir.

The Indian media ‘Fauxars’ 2017 – Awards recognising Faux news

Its time for the Red Maoist Carpet

Culture of abuse and misogyny in Indian politics: A Reality Check

Of double standards and hypocrisy when dealing with misogyny and abuse in politics

What is wrong with the discourse around the Orlando terror attack

Are some being "politically correct" or just being terror apologists?

2015 Rewind: The times when Journalists got trolled by Twitterati

All the best trolling journalists got in 2015

American filmmaker shocked after not finding ‘entrails of minorities hanging by trees in India’

Disclaimer: This post is (obviously) a spoof and not real.

The Coming of Age of Smriti Irani

Highlights of Smriti Irani's passionate fact-filled speech, which did not make news.

Rahul and Sonia Return, much to the joy of Indian “Neutral” Journalists

Adarsh Liberal Journalists react to Rahul's Lok Sabha speech

Best of Opindia

What could be Pakistan’s response to the deepening India-Israel friendship?

An analysis of what Pakistan might try to do now, and whether it may succeed in its designs.
Congress is still far from holding the Gandhis accountable for elections loss

The Gandhis, the media, and the anti-truth

Is post-truth actually 'forced-truth'?

Yes Ravish Kumar, Indian media is indeed a dark place

Ravish Kumar's sanctimonious rant is hypocritical

Muted outrage over fatwa against AR Rahman betrays double standards of some “activists” again

The Bollywood, the media, and the activists were not so vocal and active when it came to supporting AR Rahman for a fatwa issued against him.

Outlook can’t see beyond clothes and appearance of a lady IAS officer

Media is redefining sexist attacks on women

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