Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Google to share details of culprits responsible for the farmer protest ‘ToolKit’ shared by protestor Greta Thunberg: Reports

Last week, the Delhi Police had written to Google asking them to trace the IP address or the origin of the document and details about people who uploaded it on Google Drive.

PM Modi speaks up on global propaganda against India, refers to Greta Thunberg toolkit in Assam

PM Modi said that people who are conspiring to defame India have stooped so low that they are not sparing even Indian tea. Assam produces more than half of India's tea.

‘Chai-Yoga’ code for Modi and Yogi? The real objective of Poetic Justice Foundation, exposed in the Greta ‘toolkit’

On February 3, environmental activist Greta Thunberg accidentally exposed how anti-India forces are trying to create unrest in India.

Delhi Police to ask Google to share IP address and details of people responsible for the farmer protest ‘ToolKit’ shared by Greta Thunberg

Delhi Police had registered a FIR against people who shared the ‘toolkit’ that exposed the global designs to destabilise India

Greta ‘Toolkit’: Here is a list of journalists and news portals that the global conspirators against India trusted to be their allies

The 'toolkit' posted by Greta Thunberg contains names of several Indian portals & journalists considered as trusted by conspirators

Global Conspiracy Against India: Delhi Police says Greta Thunberg not named in FIR, case filed against ‘persons’ who created ‘toolkit’

Delhi Police have registered an FIR after a 'toolkit' tweeted by Greta Thunberg exposed nefarious designs to break India

Greta Thunberg deletes protest toolkit tweet after it revealed global designs against India, campaign underway since at least November: Details

Greta Thunberg accidentally revealed the conspiracy behind international support to farmer protests, deletes tweet later.

Former pornstar Mia Khalifa falls for ‘toolkit’ again? Posts unedited tweet against Israel, later defends herself with bizarre explanation

Former porn-star Mia Khalifa accidentally revealed being part of an anti-Israel Twitter storm after she tweeted an unedited post

Farmer Protest supporters demand release of multiple-murder accused Jagtar Singh Johal, use a special ‘Toolkit’ to ‘#FreeJaggiNow’

Supporters of Jagtar Singh Johal are using Farmers Protests for their own agenda demanding release of the multiple murder accused

UK university faces criticism for installing £24,000 bronze statue of Swedish protestor Greta Thunberg

The Winchester University in the UK had commissioned a life-size bronze statue of the controversial 'activist' Greta Thunberg at the cost of £24,000.
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