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Despite denial, Shekhar Gupta peddles fake news, doesn’t even report the denial

Gupta has wilfully omitted to acknowledge the refutal of his claims.

Shekhar Gupta and his website slammed for making open defecation a Hindu-Muslim issue

People weren't amused by the analysis carried on The Print

In an article defending ‘secularism’, Shashi Tharoor inadvertently highlights facets of appeasement politics

The need of the hour is to correct the mistakes of 'secularists' in Indian politics for a brighter future for India

The ‘Kisan Long March’ seems to be far from a spontaneous, neutral farmer’s protest

Spontaneous rally or a planned show of strength by the communists?

Child Rights Panel recommends bringing Madarsas and Missionary schools under RTE

Recommendation was made at a meeting of a monitoring committee constituted by HRD ministry

With 1500 squatters kicked out from Lutyens bungalows, it might explain why its always Modi vs All

The Congress has a long tradition of not implementing rules

Facing a woeful shortage of money, Congress withdraws 5 candidates from Nagaland

Is the party suffering from a lack of resources?
How Media waters down 'cow vigilantism' reports when the mob is a Muslim mob

To the eminent journalists: Here is what ‘co-opted media’ truly looks like

The 'co-opted' media is visible in every page we see

Columnist at Shekhar Gupta’s website who wanted Modi assassinated, deletes tweet

Not the first time a 'liberal' columnist has wished death upon the Prime Minister.

Rafale deal: Congress scores a self goal with misplaced allegations and ill-informed criticism

Congress' allegations are misplaced and ill-informed

The lady accused of casteism by ‘The Print’ lashes out at the hit job, calls it ‘sick journalism’

We need to wait and watch if The Print apologizes to the lady for defaming her on social media.

Battle of Koregaon : Lessons in Unity

The truth about Battle of Koregaon

The logical fallacy of celebrating ‘Dalit victory’ at Battle of Koregaon

Celebrating a 'British victory' as a 'Dalit victory' is travesty of history and the actual battle.
Shabir was arrested for assaulting his wife and giving her triple talaq

Myths about Triple Talaq Bill busted

Some people have found ways to oppose even this bill

Tharoor, Hegde and the Constitution

Both Tharoor and Shekhar Gupta have been often annoying with half truths

If Election Commission ever took a side, it was always that of ‘seculars’ and communists

Just take a look at the past decisions and deeds by the election commission of India.

Taslima Nasreen blames Shekhar Gupta’s portal for twisting her words on Hindu extremism

An article on Gupta’s ‘The Print’ had virtually equated Hindus with ISIS, and credited it to Taslima.

People react after Shekhar Gupta’s publication gets a converted christian to write about Rajput pride

There was no disclosure about the current beliefs of the author
The Print founders Barkha Dutt and Shekhar Gupta

The curious case of Barkha Dutt and Shekhar Gupta’s joint venture

Has Barkha Dutt left or been removed from a company she founded with Shekhar Gupta?

Decoding NDTV’s mysterious U-Turn: India above Politics

Buckling under pressure, a nationalistic turn, or something else?

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