Saturday, May 15, 2021


Resort politics: Congress leader hints at a plan to ‘safeguard’ his MLAs

Congress looking to safeguard its MLAs from being poached

Karnataka should vote out Siddaramaiah and Congress to save the state from irreversible damage

Congress' brand of politics must be rejected completely and outrightly to save the state from irreversible damage. 

Here’s why the Karnataka elections will signal the end of the road for Siddaramaiah

The Siddaramaiah - Rahul Gandhi duo thought they had it under control, but it doesn't seem so

Is Siddharamaiah trying to be the new Indira Gandhi?

Karnataka Chief Minister seems to be trying to forcibly take over every pillar of society

Janata Parivar – Losers and Winners

We take an analytical look at the prospects of Janata Parivar

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