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With the exit polls predicting 0-1 seat for the Aam Aadmi Party, it, in turn, starts preparing excuses in case the exit poll predictions hold up
The theories of EVM hacking are wide and colourful. During the Gujarat assembly polls, 'journalist' Sagarika Ghose had attempted to peddle the theory that EVMs are picking up 'Bluetooth signals' and that can lead to 'network hacking'.
Even after pointing out that news about EVM malfunction was from 2014, Congress leader refused to take it back
As the picture did the rounds and the Congress party cried foul
Ironically, the 'expert' from Chandrababu's delegation representing the TDP in front of the poll chief, was a person who himself was an 'EVM theft' accused
The Election Commission of India (ECI) also remarked that when an opportunity was presented to all parties to demonstrate any vulnerability of the EVMs, no one had actually turned up.
The Foreign Press Association has said that not one accusation made by the hacker is corroborated
From EVM hacking rumours to Agusta Westland to Female Genital Mutilation, Congress invisible hand is always there, acting in a personal capacity
The alleged hacker claims that Gopinath Munde was murdered because he knew about the EVMs being hacked
PM Modi had alleged that Congress has weakened democratic institutes in the country
In a sting conducted by India Today, Congress party election agents were confronted by a reporter who said that there were no attempts to enter the strongroom by members of any political party.
Gwalior police arrested the 'EVM hacker' after a tip-off from a Congress candidate
The EVM hacking conspiracy theory manufactured by the Congress has reached its crescendo
Election Commission keeps extra EVMs ready, and the unused EVMs are not meant to be kept in strong rooms
Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections: Jyotiraditya Scindia had written a letter to the Chief Electoral office (CEO) of Madhya Pradesh requesting information on the malfunctioning EVMs and VVPAT machines.
Congress' obsession with the conspiracy theory of 'EVM hacking' continue
Politicians and many Congress-friendly journalists regularly float the 'EVMs are hacked' theory during elections or if BJP wins any elections.
Congress is ready with its EVM hacking theories, crying conspiracy or preparation of excuses?

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