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After accusing govt of not paying anything to families of deceased Agniveers, Congress now asks why Ajay Kumar’s family was paid ‘₹67 lakh more’

Congress leader Col. Rohit Chaudhary questions why Ajay Kumar’s family was paid ₹67 lakh more, says not a single rupee extra can be paid

‘President not invited for Ram Mandir inauguration because she is Adivasi’: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi peddles vicious lies during election campaign

The truth is that President Murmu was formally invited by a delegation representing the Ram Temple Trust to attend the Pran Prathistha ceremony in Ayodhya.

Rahul Gandhi almost gets a journalist lynched during his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in UP, tries to incite crowd on caste lines

"Are you from the media? What is your name? What is the name of the owner of your organisation?" Rahul Gandhi asked the journalist.

As former Congress Dy CM busts Rahul Gandhi’s lie that PM Modi was made OBC by BJP govt, Gandhi changes goalpost, read why ‘Kagzi...

The claim of Rahul Gandhi that PM Modi's caste was made OBC by BJP govt has been busted because it was done by Congress govt in 1994

Meghalaya Pineapples sell across Middle-East, but Rahul Gandhi claims that world can’t have these pineapples due to lack of infrastructure

However, Rahul Gandhi ignored the fact that India has been exporting pineapples from Meghalaya to various places in the Gulf.

Rahul Gandhi spreads propaganda against Agnipath Scheme again by claiming kin of deceased Agniveer soldier will not get anything, here are the facts

Rahul Gandhi spreads fake news that 'family of the deceased Agniveer jawan will not get anything'

HAL share price jumps 5 times, crosses Rs 1.3 trillion market cap: How Rahul Gandhi had cried hoarse on PM ‘destroying’ HAL to help...

Rahul Gandhi who has frequently woven a cacophony of lies about HAL to disparage the Modi govt must not be too thrilled seeing the share price of the state-run aerospace company at all time high

Rahul Gandhi in the USA talks about Gandhi vs Godse ideology as he chants ‘Jai Bhim’: Here is how he interpreted history all wrong

Rahul Gandhi claimed that India is in an ideological fight between Mahatma Gandhi (Congress) and Nathuram Godse (representing BJP and RSS' thoughts and ideology).

Rahul Gandhi in USA: Hudson Institute, Sunita Vishwanath and the dangerous Islamist, George Soros and anti-India links. A deep-dive analysis

The event of Rahul Gandhi where he is talking at Hudson Institute, seated alongside Sunita Vishwanath is now being widely discussed.

As he calls IUML ‘secular’, Rahul Gandhi also furthers lies about CAA in Washington, which led to 2020 anti-Hindu riot in India: Detailed analysis

Rahul Gandhi in Washington furthered dangerous lies about CAA that led to the anti-Hindu Delhi riot by Islamists in 2020.

Rahul Gandhi says Muslim League, an off-shoot of Jinnah’s party, is ‘completely secular’: Here is what he said, the brief history of IUML and...

Rahul Gandhi in Washington said that the Muslim League, which played a vital role in partition of India on religious lines, was "completely secular".

Will the ‘Chinese national’ who Rahul Gandhi is talking about please stand up?

Rahul Gandhi has yet again floated conspiracy theories based on his very limited understanding of how businesses work. He should read up more if he does not want to end with an egg on his face.

Rahul Gandhi keeps asking ‘Adani mein Rs 20,000 crore kiske hain’, read why this is Pappu level question because Gandhi is not reading

Rahul Gandhi has been casting aspersions about a mysterious Rs 20,000 crore money routed to Adani Group company and questioning whose money is it. Well, we try and make sense of this.

Smriti Irani gives lessons in management to IIM Udaipur students and faculty, the day Rahul Gandhi was spewing anti-India canards in Cambridge

Union Minister of minority affairs Smriti Irani donned the hat of a professor as she took sessions on Human Resource Management for MBA students at IIM Udaipur

Hathras, BJ Yatra, Pulwama, Pegasus and more: Rahul Gandhi’s Cambridge talk to MBA students was all about blatant lies, false claims and anti-India propaganda

Rahul Gandhi speaks blatant lies, peddles anti-India propaganda during his Cambridge speech.

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