About Us

OpIndia (a unit of Aadhyaasi Media And Content Services Private Limited) is a news and current affairs website. We publish opinion articles, analysis of issues, news reports (curated from various sources as well as original reporting) and fact-check articles.

Core team:

OpIndia was conceptualized and launched in December 2014 by a group of friends led by Kunal Kamal, an academician. The team was later quickly expanded to include Gaurav, who goes by the Twitter username @bwoyblunder (no longer present or active on Twitter now), and Rahul Raj who runs the Facebook page “Bhak Sala”.

The current Editor-in-Chief of OpIndia.com is Nupur J Sharma ([email protected]) and Editor of the English website is Nirwa Mehta ([email protected]), while details of the Hindi website can be found here. The extended team include staff writers in various cities. Our registered and corporate office is in New Delhi.


OpIndia, founded in 2014, is owned by Aadhyaasi Media And Content Services, a private limited company formed in India in 2018. Prior to July 2018, OpIndia was owned by Kovai Media Private Limited. Aadhyaasi Media And Content Services is partly funded via personal savings of the founders and that of Rahul Roushan and Nupur Sharma of OpIndia. Kaut Concepts, an independent private investment fund based in Delhi has also invested in the company. Micropayments from common readers and visitors to the website play a crucial role in financing the operations of OpIndia.


OpIndia is also available in Hindi with a separate team running it; you can visit OpIndia Hindi here and find more about it. A detailed information about our fact-check initiative can be read here. If you need more information about us, please contact us.