Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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China to set up a line of separation on Mount Everest after several mountaineers test positive on the Nepalese side. Details

Such a 'line of separation' will be laid by guides, who scale the Mount Everest alongside the rope fixing teams.

West Bengal Govt tells Calcutta High Court there was no post-poll violence but with a caveat: Details

West Bengal government told the Calcutta High Court that there was no post-poll violence after the recently conducted state elections.

ZEE5’s Radhe Combo Offer is the perfect gift for all Salman Khan fans

Salman Khan's Radhe releases on 13th May, 2021. Besides Salman Khan, the film also has Disha Patani and Jackie Shroff in the pivotal roles and Randeep Hooda is playing the antagonist.

‘Nothing is further from the truth than the claim that Centre dropped the ball on Covid preparedness’: Union Minister Prakash Javadekar

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar in an exclusive write-up at the Indian Express said the allegation is ‘far from the truth.’

From dead babies to hushing rapes: How the spectacle of human sacrifice has come to dominate liberal protests

Yogendra Yadav was aware that a woman had been raped by AAP leaders at the Tikri border farmer protest site.

While liberals seek sadist pleasure from India’s tragedy porn, hundreds of bodies of COVID-19 patients remain refrigerated for a year in the US

While liberals enjoy India's plight, USA has still not been able to dispose of the bodies of Covid-19 patients, who died last year.

In Focus

Paucity of time, infighting, covid restrictions were some of the reasons given by the state leadership for Congress' poor performance in assembly elections.

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Activist who raised questions about Hemkunt Foundation’s funding and donations faces abuses, death threats

Yuvraj Pokharna, one of the activists who raised questions against Hemkunt Foundation's fundraiser is getting abuses and threats on social media and phone.

Twitter chief Jack Dorsey donates to RSS-affiliate NGO Sewa to help in COVID relief in India, ‘liberals’ fume

Along with Sewa, Jack also donated to CARE and AIDINDIA to help fight the pandemic in India.

Covid-19: India records more recoveries than new case for first time in second wave, curves show early signs of improvement

For the first time in two months, India has reported more recoveries than new Chinese coronavirus cases in single day.

‘Islamism will lead to civil war’: Soldiers warn French President Emmanuel Macron

The letter, with over 76,000 signatories from the armed forces, warned the French government of a brewing civil war.

Yogendra Yadav admits he knew the rape victim was being taken away to Haryana against her wish by the accused. Watch

While victim's father says Yogendra Yadav knew about the rape, the former AAP leader tries to distance himself from the incident at Tikri

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Class privilege at its worst: Farhan Akhtar defends receiving vaccine at center where only senior citizens and specially abled above 45 are eligible

Farhan Akhtar announced that he had received his first Covid-19 vaccine dose at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai.

The Liberal ‘Ummah’: How the community stays quiet when one of them is a rapist

This is how the liberal ‘ummah’ works. They will look out for each other even if it goes against everything they claim they stand for.

How the Army rose to the occasion to help the nation fight COVID-19, but once the crisis is over, a Herculean task awaits the...

The Indian army is currently running three major hospitals in Delhi, two of them dedicated to COVID-19, but once the crisis is over, a task awaits

Suvendu Adhikari appointed leader of opposition in Bengal Assembly: What it means for the future of BJP in the state

Suvendu Adhikari has significantly augmented his stature in Bengal politics after defeating Mamata Banerjee in Nandigram.

Why do ‘liberal’ celebrities wish death upon ‘Bhakts’ to ‘teach them a lesson’?

If you have even tiny bit of humanity in you, you wouldn't wish death upon anyone, especially if you consider them human.

Bengal elections: Long term trends that the results held up and why the outcome is not as bad for the BJP as it seems

The results of just concluded assembly elections in West Bengal have shocked BJP supporters and elated opponents of the party.


Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi backtracks after saying ‘Article 370 is India’s internal matter’

In a tweet, Qureshi claimed that the Jammu and Kashmir is an 'internationally recognised dispute' and as such cannot constitute India's internal matter.


How Rajdeep Sardesai, a self-declared vulture, defended UAPA accused Natasha Narwal who is under trial for Delhi anti-Hindu riots

Rajdeep Sardesai and others have been using the death of her father to stir sympathy for UAPA accused Natasha Narwal, claiming that her arrest was wrongful.

Chinese state media Editor accuses Subramanian Swamy of being ‘ungrateful’ over ‘war on COVID’, it doesn’t go down well for him

Chinese state media Global Times Editor Hu Xijin on Sunday accused BJP leader Subramanian Swamy of being 'ungrateful' after he tweeted that India is...

Swati Chaturvedi accused of plagiarizing article on Himanta Biswa Sarma by Hindustan Times editor

Swati Chaturvedi has been accused of plagiarizing an article by Zia Haq, Associate Editor at Hindustan Times.

Arvind Kejriwal govt expels 7 journalists from Whatsapp group after report critical of govt handling of oxygen crisis, senior journalists keep mum

The Arvind Kejriwal government has been the darling of the media for a long time but it seems to want absolute devotion


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Patanjali was the first Indian company to publish a research paper on the new Covid-19 drug approved by DCGI: Read details

Patanjali had published a research paper on use of the drug 2-deoxy-D-glucose for Covid-19 treatment in March 2020

As ‘journalist’ spread hate against RSS affiliate Sewa Bharti, here is how they are giving it their all in troubled COVID-19 times

"Such propaganda and lies do not affect us", said Sewa Bharti Delhi head Rajesh Agarwal in response to 'The Wire' journalist's Tweet against them

Fact sheet: Central govt’s Rs 190 crore a month subsidy on food grains vs Delhi govt’s Rs 8 crore a month free ration scheme...

While central govt provides free food grain under PMGKAY and wheat & rice at ₹2 and ₹3 under NFSA, Delhi govt is subsidising that ₹2 and ₹3

The orphans of Covid-19: Everything you need to know about legal adoption and govt rules

India has strict rules for parents who want to adopt a child. No individual, NGO or organization can take in a child without permission from the authorities.

While Delhi govt demands more oxygen, numbers show its demand is four times the consumption by Mumbai for similar Covid-19 cases

Mumbai is using 200-250 MT of oxygen for around, but Delhi is demanding 700 MT for similar number of active Covid-19 cases

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