Thursday, May 26, 2022

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A clash broke out between supporters of Yasin Malik and the security forces in Srinagar's Maisuma area

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While media projects Telangana CM KCR as a conquering hero after his ‘national tour’, here is the truth of the overhyped Delhi visit

“National tours” of KCR are always staggered, often to same states because he only meets leaders from non-BJP parties

The ‘right’ and ‘left’ of sexual harassment victims and perpetrators in India

In all likelihood, this article will be mocked at by the left cabal as well, because for them, 'Sanghis' cannot raise voice against women's sexual abuse because only they have monopoly on it. That is where the problem lies. For 'Sanghis' abuse is abuse, for 'liberals', 'Sanghis' deserve it for 'being fascist enablers'.


Karnataka: VHP performs ‘Tambula Prashne’ at Malali temple, plans to perform ‘Ashtamangala Prashne’ next, sec 144 imposed

"Situation is peaceful. Hindu organizations held a ritual today that started at 8.30 am and continued till 11 am. Force has been deployed wherever necessary", Mangaluru Police Commissioner stated.



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