Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Earlier in the day, Maharashtra Transport Commissioner Vivek Bhimanwar said that the accused teen will be barred from getting a driving license till he turns 25 years of age.

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‘Paisa bolta hai, sab chalta hai’: Pune Porsche crash reveals so many things that are wrong with us, the system and laws

The granting of bail to the teen accused in the Pune Porsche case reveals how cheap human lives, especially those of poor ones, are in our country.

India’s 200% import duty on Pakistani products: A just response to hostility, leaving Pakistan’s economy in tatters

In February 2019, then-Finance Minister Late Arun Jaitley announced imposition of 200% import duty on Pakistani products and wrote on X (then-Twitter), "India has withdrawn MFN status to Pakistan after the Pulwama incident. Upon withdrawal, basic customs duty on all goods exported from Pakistan to India has been raised to 200% with immediate effect."




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