Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Mamata Banerjee recounted that when Rahul Gandhi contacted her, she informed him that she had not been invited at the INDI meeting.

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BJP increases vote share in Telangana but fails to win even as anger brewed against KCR: How it got the chemistry wrong, not mathematics

For many decades leading up to the 2019, victory in Telangana has eluded the karyakarta. Hence the anguish. They saw real hope post-2014. Hence the excitement.

Lies, falsehoods, and blatant propaganda: Bloomberg article by Ruth Pollard is a symphony of seething and coping after BJP’s electoral victory in 3 states

Whatever made Ruth Pollard believe that India cannot give the residents of Jammu and Kashmir the same rights that are enjoyed by all other Indians, is certainly derived from similar-level trash op-eds by her fellow Left propagandists and not rooted in an actual understanding of Indian laws and constitutional process.


BJP lodges police complaint against TMC leaders for insulting PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah

BJP filed complaints against TMC leaders for raising derogatory slogans against PM Modi and HM Shah



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