Rahul Gandhi wants to get rid of his name. Here is why

Rahul Gandhi (left), Rahul Gandhi (right)

One would’ve thought being born as Rahul Gandhi would end up being a curse. But, what if you’re a commoner namesake?

This Rahul Gandhi from Indore is not happy with being Rahul Gandhi. This Indore-based man has issues getting government documents prepared in his name because the government officials think he is faking it. Perhaps everyone believes, or rather hopes, there is only one Rahul Gandhi.

As per this Indore-based Rahul Gandhi, his original family surname is Malviya. However, his father was in the BSF and because of his good conduct, he got referred to as ‘Gandhi’. His father then adopted that last name and gave it to entire family. Since then, Rahul became Rahul Gandhi instead of Rahul Malviya.

The curse of being Rahul Gandhi is such that he can’t even get a SIM card, driving licence or even loans in his name. Rahul Gandhi does have an Aadhaar in his name. However, when he tries to use it, he is told that his card is fake. Unfortunately, he also gets called as ‘pappu’, a monicker often used for former Congress President, the other Rahul Gandhi. Those who don’t know him from before call him a liar when he tells them his name is Rahul Gandhi.

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