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News24 claims BJP leader Madhavi Latha sought reservation for all Muslims, ‘apologies’ and deletes post after the Hyderabad candidate declined making such remarks

News24 shared a post claiming that BJP’s Hyderabad candidate Madhavi Latha demanded reservations for all Muslims, deleted after called out for fake news

Hyderabad: Hanuman Mandir near a mosque turned into a dump yard, Police files suo moto FIR against journalist who raised the matter and cleaned...

Hyderabad Police have registered a Suo Moto FIR against a Telugu Journalist, Sridharan Siddhu, for bringing the plight of a Hanuman Mandir turned into garbage dump

Hinduphobia in Western media: As India goes to polls to elect a new government, global news organisations turn to anti-Hindu prejudice

Qatar-owned propaganda news outlet Al Jazeera, notorious for peddling lies and twisting facts, claimed that another term under Modi govt could threaten Muslims' way of life in India.

The Wire passes off the obvious about Adani-Israel JV as a great investigation, but there is a more sinister plan behind it: Here is...

Back in 2018, it was reported that Adani Group had received an order to manufacture Hermes 900 UAVs for the Israeli Defence Forces. Thus, The Wire is somehow 'investigating' something that is already out in open.

YouTuber Ajit Anjum threatens criminal defamation against fellow YouTuber after she interviewed a journalist claiming Anjum sexually harassed female anchors

Ajit Anjum has sent a defamation notice to the anchor of the YouTube channel who interviewed journalist Kumar Srikant

USA: Public-funded NPR suspends veteran editor Uri Berliner after he writes about media outlet’s political bias, editor resigns

Uri Berliner worked for NPR for 25 years. In an essay, he expalined how NPR has become overtly liberal biased over the years, to the point of neglecting genuine stories and fanning unfounded political allegations.

Caste-obsessed clown prince outdoes himself: How Rahul Gandhi demanded details of the caste of all passengers from airline honcho, according to reports

Open Magazine reported that the airline chief “found the query strange and bordering on the frivolous. It left him with a sense of disbelief.”

The Irish Times peddles anti-Modi propaganda in the garb of ‘editorial’, Indian ambassador to Ireland gives befitting reply

While dismissing allegations of political vendetta, Mishra said, "All cases of corruption are pursued strictly as per the established procedure, with availability of usual judicial remedies to the affected parties."

Congress leaders and supporters spread fake ‘Nielsen-Dainik Bhaskar survey’ predicting INDI Alliance win in elections, the newspaper promises legal action

Several I.N.D.I. Alliance supporters continued to peddle the fake survey even after Dainik Bhaskar categorically called it out as fake news.

Bloomberg reinvents the ‘EVM hack’ bogey, peddles Andy Mukherjee’s unhinged nonsense without a shred of evidence

Andy Mukherjee has written an opinion piece in Bloomberg asserting that the electronic voting machines (EVMs) which have been used in elections since 2004 are “rightly” the next port of call for judicial scrutiny.

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