Thursday, January 27, 2022

Social Media Fact-Check

Muslim man among 3 booked for selling Chinese kite string, ‘Liberals’ claim MP govt’s action has communal undertones: Here’s the truth

Abdul Jabbar, Ritik Jadhav and Vijay Bhavsar were booked following the death of an Ujjain woman due to kite string but liberals accused MP govt of targeting Muslims

Shashi Tharoor hails Under-19 Badminton Player Tasnim Mir for securing top spot in World Junior Rankings, gets the facts wrong

Shashi Tharoor claimed Tasmin Mir is first Indian under-19 badminton player to secure top position in junior rankings, which is incorrect

Bihar Congress shares manipulated media of UP Deputy CM Maurya

In the manipulated video, Bihar Congress made it appear like Uttar Pradesh Deputy CM KP Maurya was being critical of PM Modi

Congress steals images to ask for votes, ends up promoting schemes of BJP govts of Assam and the centre: Read details

The Congress embarrasses itself by posting a picture of Pink buses for women already launched by the BJP govt in Assam.

Viral video and messages claim a drunk Aryan Khan was caught urinating in an airport, this is the truth

The video that is being circulated claiming a drunk Aryan Khan was caught on camera urinating in an airport is misleading.

Congress makes false allegations that new tax imposed for ordering food online, here is the truth

Congress makes false claim there additional 5% GST has been imposed on food delivery services under new rules

India Today deputy editor tries to dismiss visuals of over-crowded Park Street Christmas celebration in Kolkata as old, gets fact-checked

India Today deputy editor Indrajit claimed there was overcrowded Christmas celebrations in Kolkata despites photos and videos of the same

Twitter adds ‘manipulated media’ tag: Read the fact check of fake video on Modi and Yogi posted by TMC leaders

TMC leaders share a edited video to claim anti-Modi and anti-Yogi slogans were raised during inauguration of Kashi Viswanath Corridor

Viral message says PM Modi touched feet of IAS officer Aarti Dogra, calling her ‘chief architect’ of Kashi Vishwanath Corridor: Here is the truth

The divyang lady who met PM Modi at Kashi Vishwanath Corridor was not IAS officer Aarti Dogra but Shikha Rastogi from Kashi

Kanpur Dehat police debunk misleading claims by Congress, others after video shows cop thrashing man with kid: Read what had really happened

Kanpur police issued a statement explaining what had happened in the video where a policeman was seen thrashing a man with a child

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