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Hinduphobia in Western media: As India goes to polls to elect a new government, global news organisations turn to anti-Hindu prejudice

Qatar-owned propaganda news outlet Al Jazeera, notorious for peddling lies and twisting facts, claimed that another term under Modi govt could threaten Muslims' way of life in India.

How Modi Hacks EVMs, Part 8: Seminal 10 years with epochal events and decisions – from Ram Mandir to G20, Women’s Reservation Bill, NEP...

10 years of the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been full of epochal decisions and events

Andolanjeevi Yogendra Yadav peddles fearmongering by Sonia’s NAC boy Jean Dreze, promotes Indian elections are rigged despite offering no proof

In an interview with PTI on Sunday, Jean Dreze, a development economist and Congress leader Sonia Gandhi’s close aide said that “under the wave of authoritarianism” and “suppression of Opposition voices” by the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party, the Lok Sabha elections commencing on the 19th of April are “as good as rigged”.

2024 Lok Sabha Elections: Ten things I like about the BJP manifesto and a few I wish were different

The very fact that BJP has chosen to go the development route in its 2024 manifesto shows it has the confidence to do so.

Patanjali Issue is a reflection on the ethics of our medical fraternity

IMA complained against Patanjali but remains silent on similar practices by other FMCG and Pharma companies, raising questions on ethics in the industry

Khatakhat paisa aata rahega: Rahul Gandhi claims magical method to remove poverty, gives old Alu-Sona, the escape velocity of Jupiter logics

Similar to the Congress Lok Sabha manifesto, Rahul Gandhi did not provide a strategy for carrying out his commitment.

Bloomberg reinvents the ‘EVM hack’ bogey, peddles Andy Mukherjee’s unhinged nonsense without a shred of evidence

Andy Mukherjee has written an opinion piece in Bloomberg asserting that the electronic voting machines (EVMs) which have been used in elections since 2004 are “rightly” the next port of call for judicial scrutiny.

Lok Sabha 2024: Why complacency of own leaders and voters may be a bigger challenge for BJP than the dysfunctional, broken Opposition

The I.N.D.I. alliance is plagued by internal chaos, confusion, rivalry, and a propensity to undermine its own partners within the coalition.

Agniveer Scheme: Let us look at it differently and objectively

I have interviewed more than 8000 graduates and groomed 2000 MBA managers and I have seen that a two-month summer internship transforms their personality. 42 months is a huge experience.

How Modi hacks EVMs, part 7: Going from Congress’ 35% neem-coated Urea to 100%, eliminating pilferage, to soil health cards and more. How Farmers...

When Prime Minister Modi announced that his government aims to double the farmer’s income by the year 2022, many mocked him.

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