Monday, September 26, 2022


Asaduddin Owaisi jumps into Gujarat area to eat a slice of Muslim votebank as he announces first three candidates

Political observers believe that AIMIM along with Aam Aadmi Party may end up winning a few seats here and there mostly because the disgruntled Congress voter may end up voting for them.

BBC’s latest report on Leicester: A grudging acceptance of the truth while attempting to save Islamists all over again

Hindu community in the UK, particularly in Leicester and Birmingham, was under attack by the Islamists - and BBC blamed Hindus

Rana Ayyub defends PFI’s plan to turn India into an Islamic nation: How Islamists are now shedding all pretence of being “moderate”

Amid the ongoing crackdown against the radical Islamist outfit, there are several Muslim "intellectuals" who have come out in support of PFI

Reports say govt may set up panel to ‘study condition of Dalits who convert to Islam or Christianity’: Why we need to tread carefully

With several such pleas pending in the court, that demand reservation for "Dalit Christians" and "Dalit Muslims", according to media reports, the government is now mulling setting up a panel to study the condition of those Dalits who convert to Christianity or Islam.

Islamists in Indonesia force schoolgirls to wear hijab: How the symbol of oppression is first mainstreamed, then becomes a mandate

While 'liberals' in India try to argue that hijab is a choice and make efforts to mainstream the garment in schools, women in Iran are getting killed and girls in Indonesia are being traumatised for it.

Islamists unleash havoc in Leicester: Hindus left feeling rudderless, exposed to harm and increasingly vulnerable

Leicester has been burning after Islamists went on a rampage against Hindus, burning their cars, attacking their houses

From Muskan in Karnataka to Aina Khan in the UK, women in hijab can ‘bravely’ stand up to ‘Hindutva’ because they know Hindus do...

India or England, Hijab-clad Muskans and Ainas can be 'brave' before Hindutva because they know Hindus do not kill

Places of Worship Act: A law against principles of Natural Justice, that says Hindus should have demanded justice before we got independence

The Places of Worship Act was passed by the Congress-led govt of PV Narasimha Rao in 1991 when the illegal Babri Mosque was still standing on top of Ram Janmabhoomi

WSJ writer Tunku Varadarajan tries to wedge Hindu-Muslim divide ahead of the T20 world cup: Here’s how he’s wrong

WSJ writer Tunku Varadarajan has insinuated that there is religious discrimination against Muslim cricketers by BCCI.

Rahul Gandhi ropes in a minor girl in hijab in his ‘Bharat Jodo’ container yatra amid intensifying global protests against the veil

Rahul Gandhi seems to be standing resolutely with Muslim fundamentalists with his support to hijab during his container yatra.

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