Monday, September 27, 2021


The legacy of Madam Bhikaiji Cama: The ‘mother of revolutionaries’ who fought for Indian independence

Madam Cama grew conscious about the atrocities done by Britishers in the country due to which differences arose between her and Rustom Cama.

In front of PM Modi, Biden certifies that American liberal media is worthless lapdogs: Here is how

What did the American media get in return for such loyalty? Yesterday, President Biden humiliated the American media in front of PM Modi.

Rahul Gandhi against 75th Independence Day celebrations? The Gandhi leader uses the Assam eviction of illegal squatters to spew venom against India

Rahul Gandhi on Saturday alluded to the Assam incident and said it does not behove the country to indulge in celebrations over its 75th Independence Day

Medical journal The Lancet dehumanizes women, calls them ‘bodies with vaginas’: Here’s what inspires such insults

Esteemed medical journal The Lancet has gone one step ahead and labelled women "bodies with vaginas".

How the Malabar Massacre of Hindus left a baby beside the body of her dead mother and a million other atrocities that were committed

The Malabar Hindu genocide by the Moplah Muslims were not a peasant uprising or a nationalist movement, it was Jihad against Hindus

How Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath have rejuvenated the sugar economy in Uttar Pradesh

How the efforts of the central government and state government have turned around the sugar economy in Uttar Pradesh.

From ‘inculturation’ to ‘indoctrination’: Here are some of the techniques Christian Missionaries use to convert Hindus

The concept of inculturation is deeply enshrined in Christianity. It “denotes the presentation and re-expression of the Gospel in forms and terms proper to a culture.”

Was the 1921 Malabar genocide the first time that Moplah Muslims massacred Hindus? List of 50 incidents that preceded the 1921 genocide

The 1921 Malabar Hindu genocide has often been touted as a 'peasant uprising' against the Landlords, however, the reality is far from it

On why liberals go crazy when PM Modi goes abroad and why Sonia Gandhi is not on social media

Each time the Prime Minister goes abroad, something very special seems to happen to his detractors. Forever on the margins of sanity, this is one thing that drives them over the edge.

‘Dara Hua Media’: HT goes NDTV Pro Max, changes representational image of Muslim man even before Islamists attack

The move by Hindustan Times to change the representational image without any provocation or apparent public attack has raised several questions.

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