Thursday, July 7, 2022


Amid Maharashtra political crisis, OpIndia speaks to Shankersinh Vaghela, one time friend and confidante of Narendra Modi who introduced ‘resort politics’

Political opponents are not enemies, says Shankersinh Vaghela in a freewheeling interview with OpIndia

Agnipath scheme: Here is what veterans from Armed Forces have to say about it

OpIndia spoke with several veterans from the armed forces to understand the nitty-gritty of the Agnipath scheme.

Current inflation caused by global events over which Indian govt have no control: OpIndia talks to a chartered accountant, Sumeet Mehta, over inflation

CA Sumeet Mehta said that India is facing 'imported inflation', which is inflation caused by the Russia-Ukraine war

MP Locket Chatterjee alleges Rohingyas are being brought for settlement in Bengal, says she was boycotted by film industry for joining BJP

BJP MP Locket Chatterjee speaks to OpIndia about West Bengal post poll violence and the iron fisted reign of Mamata Banerjee

The Vow of Parvati: Author Aditi Banerjee talks about why books with strong female protagonist are getting readers interested

In The Vow of Parvati, author Aditi Banerjee talks about Devi Sati/Parvati and Lord Shiva and how the Devi encompasses all aspects of female form.

RSS-supported group wins DUTA polls after 24 years, new president outlines some of the key areas that DUTA will focus on

After 24 years, NDTF president AK Bhagi defeated the Left-aligned DTF candidate Abha Dev Habib, by over 1,000 votes for the president’s post of DUTA.

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