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Anees and Azad, killed and injured in encounter after attacking female cop, had brainwashed minor Hindu girls: Read the story of their conversion after...

Anees and Azad who had attacked a female cop have a long criminal history and charges like grooming jihad and oppressing Dalits.

‘A sense of alienation looms in Bengal, need a strong Nationalist movement to counter it’: BJP leader Swapan Das Gupta on political violence, corruption,...

The cadre of Marxists and Trinamool is different, but both are similar with only one difference. Corruption during CPM’s regime was limited and it was the party that indulged in corruption. But in Trinamool's case, corruption is all-pervasive from the top leadership to the lower rungs.

Reshuffling international institutions, bridging Global South with North, India’s vision for Indo-Pacific and more: PM Modi’s interview with French newspaper

During his state visit to France, Prime Minister Narendra Modi granted a rare interview to the French newspaper Les Echos

After 11 years of struggle, the movie 72 Hoorain released today. Read what challenges the makers had to face and if the audience reception...

An interview with 72 Hoorain director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, as the movie released after a struggle of 11 years

‘They said not wearing burqa is like prostitution,’ Hindu victim talks about how Maulanas and Muslim friends coerced her into wearing Islamic outfits

OpIndia met with some victims from Kerala who had fallen victim to the systematised crime of indoctrination in the name of Islam

‘Was ready to kill someone who does not convert to Islam, was told Bharat not our home because it belongs to Kafirs’: Kerala conversion...

OpIndia met some victims from Kerala, who fell prey to this systematic crime that has been flagrantly taking place in various parts of the country

Leicester violence, propaganda against PM Modi and dual face of BBC: Pt Satish Sharma explains why British Hindus are saying ‘enough is enough’

OpIndia had a detailed discussion with Pt Satish K Sharma about the reaction NRIs had to BBC's documentary and tries to assert what led to such a reaction.

A senseless comment of one individual cannot change relations between 2 nations: OpIndia talks to The Kashmir Files producer over comments of Israeli filmmaker

OpIndia talks to The Kashmir Files producer Abhishek Agarwal over the controversy after comments on the movie by Nadav Lapid

‘The feeling is supernatural’: Mahadevji Desai, a man from Kutch who walked to Dwarkadish Temple with 25 cows, shares his experience with OpIndia

Mahadevji Desai had vowed to walked along with his cow to Dwarka if his cattle remained unharmed from the lumpy virus.

‘The Great Tribal Warriors Of Bharat’: Author Tuhin A Sinha talks to OpIndia about his book, asks youth to ‘choose their icons wisely’

Books such as 'The Great Tribal Warriors of Bharat' play a crucial role in telling the stories of these unsung heroes and recounting their efforts, courage and heroism.

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