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ABC journalist Avani Dias returned to Australia due to a new job and wedding, not because of any intimidation by Indian govt: Australian media

As per an exclusive report by 'The Australia Today', Avani Dias returned to Australia due to a new job and her wedding in December 2023, and not due to any political pressure.

Hamid Mir misinterprets Modi’s urban naxal as ‘Arab nasal’: A manifestation of Pakistan’s growing anxiety over India’s ties with Arab nations

Hamid Mir's diatribe against PM Modi and his wilful misinterpretation of 'urban naxal' jibe as 'Arab Nasal' reflects Pakistan's nervousness with India's deepening ties with Muslim majority countries in the Middle East.

Nothing will stand in the way of Rwanda flights: UK PM Rishi Sunak, read why he is firm on deporting illegal migrants

Media hails this as a major political victory for the ruling Conservative party in general and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in particular.

USA is no longer a democracy: Tucker Carlson on the Joe Rogan podcast says intel agencies are controlling elected representatives

Regarding the controversial Section 702 of the FISA program, Tucker Carlson said congressmen were “terrified” that intelligence agencies would frame them with “kiddie p*rn” if they were to oppose reauthorising it.

Worsening law and order situation in US: Los Angeles mayor who advocated going easy on criminals, has her house burgled again

This, however, is not the first time that Karen Bass’s house has been burglarized. Back in 2022,  two burglars broke into Bass' Baldwin Hills house.

Medals of top 4 athletes at Beijing Half Marathon taken back after probe revealed that 3 African runners slowed down to let Chinese competitor...

The top 4 finishers of Beijing Half Marathon stripped of their medals after an investigation found 3 African runners deliberately slowed down near the finish line to let a Chinese competitor win

Central African Republic: At least 58 dead after a boat carrying over 300 people to funeral sinks in capital Bangui

Witnesses and videos of the incident, which have surfaced on social media, indicate that a wooden boat carrying more than 300 people overturned and sank on the Mpoko River on Friday.

US House passes bill that could lead to ban on Chinese app TikTok

The bill passed 360-58 marks the latest defeat for TikTok in the US, as the social media company with 170 million users in the US fights for survival

USA: Death of Indian student who died in Boston last month possibly linked to ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, notorious as ‘Suicidal game’

According to official sources, while purportedly playing the ‘Blue Whale challenge’, the Indian student was holding his breath for two minutes which reportedly led to his unfortunate demise.

UK: Labour MP meets JKLF terrorist to seek release of Yasin Malik, had peddled Pakistani agenda after abrogation of Article 370

Hopkins' unwavering support for Malik comes despite his terror links and involvement in the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits.

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