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The destruction of Mecca and Medina: How Wahabi Islam razed down ancient structures like Taliban destroyed Bamiyan Buddhas, fearing idolatry

Of the famed "Seven Mosques" originally established by Prophet Muhammad's daughter and four of his "greatest Companions", five have been demolished.

Ravindra Pal alias Dara Singh has been in jail for 24 years without parole, Odisha govt kept the file pending despite multiple recommendations for...

Dara Singh's family stated that the SC is their final hope after their requests for the former's release was rejected repeatedly.

HNG, longest running IBC case: CoC lead by SBI making Rs 850 crores losses due to delay, workers threaten suicide – Is Resolution Professional...

SBI led CoC is making a loss of over Rs 35 crores per day due to the delay in the HNG IBC process - is the Resolution Professional to be blamed

Palitana, one of the holiest religious centres for Jains, bans non-veg food: The significance of Shatrunjay Hills and why Jains wanted a meat ban...

Palitana houses Shatrunjay Hills, one of the holiest religious centres for Jains, for it is the abode of first Tirthankar of the current cycle, Lord Aadinath.

Madhya Pradesh: 3000 houses built in two months to siphon off compensation from NHAI for the Singrauli-Prayagraj Highway. How the forgery unfolded

While there are 2000 to 3000 houses constructed within a short span of time, these houses have been built by people from Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. A Bhaskar report says that these non-MP residents have constructed as many as 32 houses each with one sole motive—Muavza [compensation].

Shubh Karan Singh death case: FSL report reveals death by shotgun pellet, Punjab and Haryana HC orders further investigation. Read how it was politicised...

Though it was not mentioned in the court order, the court observed in case of the death of farmer Shubh Karan Singh that "Shotgun is not carried by police officers".

‘NGO’ publishes report peddling Muslim victimhood, claiming Muslims were lynched after 2024 elections: Here is the truth about some cases mentioned

The Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) has released a report claiming that incidents of anti-Muslim crimes have increased in India after Lok Sabha Election results.

Teachers protest against digital attendance: How the issue is being manipulated for politics in UP where BJP once lost an election for trying to...

The protesting teachers have demanded that they be given half-day leave, as other state employees are, and that they be given 30 earned days of leave, as state employees or PL, as college teachers.

ANI sues Wikipedia for defamatory content: Read how Wiki works, its historical bias, and how it is weaponised by its left-leaning editors for propaganda

Wikipedia's prejudice and penchant for left-leaning narratives are well-documented and undeniable, providing a glimpse into the platform's disdain for facts and a singular propensity for peddling propaganda.

As Delhi LG approves probe against Satyendar Jain in CCTV scam, read details of the case of the former AAP minister allegedly taking ₹7...

Delhi LG approved probe against jailed AAP leader Satyendar Jain for allegedly taking ₹7 crore bribe from BEL officials in installation of CCTV cameras in Delhi

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