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Bageshwar Dham’s Pandit Dhirendra Shastri launches his book ‘Sanatan Dharma Kya Hai’ in New Delhi

Shastri explained that six months ago he completed the book in five days when he was in the southern state with the inspiration received from Lord Hanuman. He added that the book doesn’t compare it with others. 

Home Minister Amit Shah launches reference books on three new criminal laws, the books give comparisons of new laws with old ones

Home Minister Amit Shah introduced the reference books on the three recently enacted transformative criminal justice laws passed by Parliament on Saturday.

A felon in France, profiting from pro-abortion campaigns, gambling with economies, Clintons, Ukraine and more: What book “Controligarchs” says about George Soros

American author and investigative journalist Seamus Bruner has released his new book titled "Controligarch" exposing the exploits of George Soros and other billionaires like Boll Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffet etc

Anand Ranganathan’s new book ‘Hindus in Hindu Rashtra’: A grim reality check for Hindus and their relegated status in the Hindu-majority nation

Author Anand Ranganathan incisively dissects the McCarthyism employed by the Left which has relegated Hindus to the fringes of the national imaginary.

Book review of ‘Rama of the Axe’, by Ranjith Radhakrishnan, a tale of the Shri Parashuram’s magnificence: Rich, fantastic and perhaps, a terrifying saga...

Rama of the Axe is a grand emotion once you read it. It is the first full novel by a new author on the block Ranjith Radhakrishnan and is published by Westland Books.

Author Shantanu Gupta launches his new graphic novel ‘Ajay to Yogi Adityanath’ on UP CM’s 51st birthday, creates Asia Book of Records

Author Shantanu Gupta has launched his new novel 'Ajay to Yogi Adityanath' on Uttar Pradesh's CM's 51st birthday

‘This Much is enough for me’ by Virender Kapoor’: Story of a young woman and intellectual patronage

Balancing your life is a personal choice- Virender Kapoor’s new book 'this Much is enough for me' tells how

J Sai Deepak demolishes Nehruvian-Marxist monopoly over history in two books: European and Middle Eastern coloniality, truth about partition, pan-Islamism and more

J Sai Deepak, through being richly persuasive and in possession of unmatched scholarship, brings a stirring and edifying take on topics hitherto pushed into oblivion

Book Excerpt of Dr Amit Thadani’s ‘The Rationalist Murders’: A journalist, links to underworld, Mukul Sinha, assassination plot of Modi and Dabholkar murder

The Rationalist Murders, a book by Amit Thadani points out serious inconsistencies and problems in the investigations of four rationalists

Harry Potter books to be adapted into 10-year-long OTT series: HBO and JK Rowling get on board with Warner Bros

All 7 Harry Potter books will be brought to life on the small screen in a new decade-long television series by HBO's Max.

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