Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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UP: Maulana Manzar Ali who was reported missing by wife no 1 and 2 in Lucknow, found living with wife no 3 in Gonda

The Maulana went to live with his third wife in Gonda because he was upset with his first two wives in Lucknow.

USA: California man files lawsuit against 50 women, seeks $2.6 million for calling him a ‘bad date’ on a viral Facebook page, ‘Are we...

After finding no evidence of conspiracy in the said lawsuit, the judge granted an anti-SLAPP motion to prevent the abuse of the legal system to silence the women. 

Britain: ‘Monster’ man murders wife, chops her body into 224 pieces, keeps them in his kitchen for a week before dumping the remains in...

The offender was extremely controlling and manipulative and didn't even permit his wife to visit her family.

Telangana: Bodies of at least 30 monkeys found inside a water tank in Nandikonda municipality of Nalgonda district 

The tank required cleaning at least once every two weeks, but the Telangana municipality officials neglected to do so.

Madhya Pradesh: Man presents footwear made from his skin to his mother in Ujjain; was inspired by the Hindu text Ramayana

Raunak Gurjar from Madhya Pradesh used the skin from his thighs to make the special footwear for his mother.

US: White House official and Jill Biden’s ‘Work Husband’ faces Me-Too allegations

Reportedly, Joe Biden's wife, Jill Biden, refers to Anthony Bernal as her 'work husband,' according to the book 'American Woman'.

Maharashtra: 45-year-old ‘drug addict’ doctor roams naked in hospital, video goes viral

Addict naked doctor captured on CCTV while roaming inside a hospital in Maharashtra

United States: Adult film star Sophia Leone dies at 26, fourth death in the industry in 3 months, investigation underway as homicide

Sophia Leone’s demise is the fourth reported incident of death in the porn industry in the past three months.

Delhi: 29-year-old gym owner killed hours before his wedding; father had stabbed him 15 times for being ‘disrespectful’, arrested

The deceased identified as Gaurav Singhal, who ran the gym Fit Box in South Delhi, was mercilessly stabbed 15 times by his father hours before his wedding

Love gone wrong: Deep spent 1 crore to become female after falling in love with Vaibhav, sets car on fire in Kanpur after boyfriend...

A man who became female to marry boyfriend burnt his car in Kanpur after he refused to marry even after she spent Rs 1 crore for sex change

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