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Telangana: Hoard of Ikshvaku period lead coins unearthed during excavations at the historic Phanigiri site in Suryapet

Around 3,730 coins, each weighing an average of 2.3 grams, all made of lead were recovered from Phanigiri in Telangana.

J&K govt to restore Martand Sun temple, destroyed by Muslim-ruler Sikandar Butshikan to Islamise Kashmir, a statue of King Lalitaditya to be installed

The temple was built in the eight century AD by the Hindu Kshatriya ruler Lalitaditya in Jammu and Kashmir.

While Muslims insist that Bhojshala complex in Madhya Pradesh is Kamal Maula mosque here is the list of ancient evidence that proves them wrong

The 11th-century Bhojshala is an ASI-protected monument. Hindus believe it is a temple of Goddess Vagdevi (Saraswati) but the Muslim side disputes it claiming that it is Kamal Maula Mosque.

Madras Music Academy: The dark history of how arts has been used to cover up misconducts of various hues

The Sangita Kalanidhi Award announed for TM Krishna by Music Academy presided over by N Murli as drawn outrage from several Hindu maestros

Scientists prepare herbal Gulal for Holi from Kachnar flowers offered at Ram Mandir, Kachnar was state tree of Ayodhya in Treta Yuga

CSIR-NBRI scientists draw inspiration from CM Yogi to prepare herbal gulals offered in Ram Mandir and Gorakhnath Mandir in lavender & sandalwood fragrances

With the inauguration of Statue of Valour by PM Modi, Lachit Borphukan finally gets the much-deserved honour after he was cancelled by ‘historians’

Narendra Modi unveiled the Statue of Valour as a bronze monument measuring 125 ft high in memory of the distinguished Ahom military general Lachit Borphukan on 9th March

Gopnath Mahadev Temple: Shiv mandir that stood resilient in the face of 16th-century Islamic invasion

Gopanath Mahadev's shrine is located near Zanzmer village in Talaja taluka, Bhavnagar district. OpIndia's team visited this old temple in Bhavnagar. The team discovered that the temple was attacked the Islamists in the 16th century killing numerous Hindus.

As PM Modi shares pictures of ‘Shankaracharya Hill’, read how the place was attempted to be Islamised as ‘Takht-e-Suleman’ in attempt to erase Hindu...

The Prime Minister calling the said mountains Shankaracharya Hill holds immense significance given the past attempts at Islamising the place as ‘Takh-e-Suleman’. There have been countless efforts to erase the Hindu heritage across the country, but none at the scale seen in Jammu and Kashmir.

Read the grand history of Lord Krishna’s Dwarka where PM Modi performed underwater pooja, the divine city is older than the Indus Valley Civilization

The holy city of Dwarka drowned just as Lord Krishna was stuck with an arrow of a hunter while he was resting in a forest.

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