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Political History of India

With SC calling out Zakia Jafri, a look back at criminal Sanjiv Bhatt and how he was turned into a hero for lying about...

Sanjiv Bhatt was turned into a hero for lying about Narendra Modi and 2002 Gujarat, with the SC verdict now, it is important to revisit the campaign

From student protests that brought down Indira govt to opposition hoping same fate for PM Modi: How Congress hopes for Emergency 2.0

The nationwide students protests leading up to Emergency were the cause of Indira govt's downfall. The Congress seems to emulate the rebellion to oust the Modi government.

The Resort Politics OG: When Shankersinh Vaghela in Gujarat pulled off the biggest coup with help from Congress

When the first ever 'Resort Politics' in Gujarat marked the end of Congress rule in the state for over 24 years now and counting.

Pakistani journalist cites Jogendra Nath Mandal to boast about Jinnah’s secularism: Here is why their first law minister had returned to India

Contrary to the claims of Hamid Mir, Jogendra Nath Mandal, a Hindu, had resigned from the Pak govt because of the brutal persecution of Hindus that went on in the newly formed Islamic country.

Before you spread hatred, Mr Kejriwal, learn how Gujarat has had a history of Marathi leaders who contributed immensely to the state

Arvind Kejriwal attempted to stoke regional chauvinism as he made outsider's jibe against Gujarat BJP president

Emergency Files: Inside Sanjay Gandhi’s ‘beautification drive’ that bulldozed unauthorized settlements in Old Delhi

In Sanjay Gandhi's Delhi Beautification Drive, a total of 70,000 people were displaced from slums and commercial properties in mere 21 months

The 2001 Boraibari massacre: When Bangladeshi troops brutally tortured and killed Indian jawans, mutilated their bodies

Given that the Hasina government had been historically friendly to India and general elections in Bangladesh were near, New Delhi was cautious about its criticism of the Bangladeshi Prime Minister.

When the people of Sikkim chose India over monarchy: This is how the rule of the Chogyal king and his mysterious wife ended

The American diplomats based in India stated to the State Department of the USA that if Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had accepted the policy proposed by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Sikkim would have become a part of India 25 years ago.

Did you know: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi had forgiven General Reginald Dyer, the perpetrator of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre

On 103rd anniversary of Jallianwala Bagh massacre, time to recall how MK Gandhi had forgiven General Dyer

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