Saturday, November 27, 2021

OpIndia Scoops

Meet Prabal Pratap Judev, who followed his father’s footsteps in bringing over 10,000 people back into Hindu fold

During the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a tremendous increase in cases of religious conversion where missionaries and fundamentalists took advantage of lockdowns and financial conditions of people to convert them from Hinduism

‘I am a Muslim, I will pay double the amount for your house,’ Hindus in Bharuch get calls, messages to put pressure to sell...

Local residents who had put up 'for sale' poster in protest in a bid to draw the administration's attention towards the matter of demography change are now getting messages on WhatsApp offering them huge amounts for their homes identifying himself only as 'Muslim man'.

Lack of electricity, water and squalid conditions: How Hindu refugees from Pakistan are suffering in the national capital

Lack of a basic facility like electricity makes the Hindu refugees from Pakistan battle diseases and death.

Funding for religious conversion to anti-CAA protests to rehabilitating Rohingyas: Fefdawala Haji Abdullah, accused in Bharuch conversion case

Fefdawala Haji Abdullah's name has surfaced in the recent Bharuch mass conversion case of over 100 tribals. He was also named in the UP mass conversion racket and hawala funding earlier this year.

‘There is no such thing as Hinduism’: How over 100 tribals in Bharuch were converted to Islam and the ‘business’ behind it

An FIR filed in the Amod Police station in Bharuch names 9 people who are accused in running a forced religious conversion racket.

‘Muslim mob attacked with swords, pelted stones at Hindu establishments’: Local BJP leaders on Amravati violence

Amravati was in throes of violence last week after protesters rioted over alleged vandalisation of mosque in Tripura

Pakistanis abduct Hindu girls whenever they lose a cricket match to India: What Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar Hindu refugee revealed to OpIndia

Refugee from Pakistan living in Delhi's Adarsh Nagar told OpIndia that when Pak lost cricket match to India, they would abduct Hindu women

Gujarat: Wherever Hindus are in minority, Bajrang Dal to donate loudspeakers for Hanuman Chalisa recital

Certain pockets in Surat where Hindus have become a minority over the years due to demography change, Bajrang Dal has decided to assert the Hindu identity in those areas.

Gujarat: A case about illegally constructed hotel was given communal twist just because hotel owner was Muslim

A hotel, where two of the three directors are Muslims, is accused of violating margin norms in construction. However, some have given a communal twist to the protests by residents.

Watch: Vishal Jood, who stood up to Khalistanis in Australia and was jailed for it, speaks to OpIndia

On the 15th October, Vishal Jood, man from Haryana was released from prison in Australia and revealed his ordeal in an interview to OpIndia

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