‘Will perform in Pakistan if invited, stop me if you can’: Congress leader and actor Shilpa Shinde defends Mika Singh

Actor-turned-politician Shilpa Shinde

Actor-turned-politician Shilpa Shinde has not only decided to stand in support of singer Mika Singh, who was banned from performing in India by AICWA and FWICE but has also challenged the federation to stop her if they can from performing in Pakistan.

According to the reports, Congress leader Shilpa Shinde speaking to the media attacked the two entertainment bodies for banning Mika Singh for performing in Pakistan. She said that she will be performing in Pakistan if she gets an invitation and also asked whether she had to shout ‘Pakistan murdabad’ to show her love for India.

Talking about the entire controversy, Shilpa Shinde said, “I think rather than criticising you should be proud of the fact that Mika Singh has been called to perform there despite them having good singers and musicians. If our government is giving him a visa who is federation to stop him from performing in Pakistan. How can they stop him? I would like to tell the federation that you have much bigger problems in the industry to deal with, please try and solve them. You haven’t been able to put a regulation on working hours of artists and crew members. People still work for 12-15 hours when in your rule book it says 8 hours shift. We are bringing shame to our own artistes by commenting about them.”

“Do I need to say Pakistan murdabad to show my love for country?” she further questioned while saying that no one else can decide if one loves their country or not.

“People have relatives, families, friends and they want to maintain that relationship. Why does federation have a problem with it? I want to challenge the federation that I will go to Pakistan, please stop me if you really can,” challenged Shilpa Shinde.

The ever-controversial singer Mika Singh was banned and boycotted by All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) after facing severe backlash on Twitter for his performance at an event hosted by Pervez Musharraf’s kin in Pakistan.

The association had released a statement articulating that it has taken a tough stand of immediately boycotting all associations of Mika Singh with movie production houses, music companies and online music content providers.

The singer came under fire for performing at the wedding festivities of the daughter of former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf’s billionaire cousin. The Indian popstar was invited along with a crew of 14 people for the event. He had reportedly charged USD 150,000 (Rs 1 crore) for his performance at the wedding.

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