Watch: The ‘half-dead farmer brutally beaten by UP Police’ gets up and runs after filming video is over

Unnao Police shared full clip of 'unconscious farmer' getting up and running

A video clip of a ‘farmer’ who was ‘brutally beaten up by Uttar Pradesh Police had gone viral on social media. Samajwadi Party leader Anurag Bhadouria had shared a video on Monday and said how the UP Police were beating up farmers in UP.

“Perhaps UP Police thinks they are Pakistani farmer,” Bhadouria had taken a jibe in his tweet. In the video, a man wearing blue pants and white shirt can be seen lying down on the ground as if he has fallen down after the blows of the police. In the beginning of the video, a police official can be seen trying to push the man with his lathi but the man does not budge, giving an impression that he is so injured that he can’t even move on his own.

The video was shared by Times of India journalist Piyush Rai on his Twitter account too.

‘Independent journalist’ Kanchan Srivastava also shared the above video questioning ‘Ram Rajya’.

‘Journalist’ formerly associated with Kapil Sibal backed now-defunct Tiranga TV also shared the video.

Unnao Police, however, today took to Twitter to share the remaining part of the above video which was clipped out.

At around 14 seconds in the video, the ‘unconscious farmer brutally beaten up by Police’ gets up and starts running away, much to the amusement of those filming. Unnao Police had also issued a statement that the police action was in response to the stonepelting that was being carried out by those present there.

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On Sunday, farmer protests demanding higher compensation for land acquired for proposed township became violent in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. The protestors set a crusher plant on fire and some plastic pipes were also set ablaze. The sub-station compound also went up in flames. Amidst this, clashes broke out between farmers and police where the above video was shot and part of it went viral.

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