Youth Congress tries to target BJP over JNU protests, scores a self goal by using pictures of police action during Sonia regime

Congress prince Rahul Gandhi, image via Twitter

The youth wing of the Indian National Congress is up to its usual tricks again. Amidst the JNU protests and the decision to revoke the SPG cover of the Gandhi family, the Youth Congress decided to use the two issues together in order to corner the BJP government.

In its efforts to target the BJP government, the Youth Congress made quite a few errors of judgment. For one, the two issues are completely unrelated, it makes no sense to draw a false sense of equivalence between the two. The only similarity between the two is that in both these cases, the youth wing of the Congress party is supporting the wrong party.

Furthermore, as has been pointed out by Twitter user @Gujju_Er, the photo of the man Youth Congress has used to peddle its agenda is not a student of the JNU. According to his profile on Facebook, he is a researcher at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art and a former Assistant Professor at the Amity University. The cover picture of his profile also reveals his political inclinations quite clearly.

Source: @Gujju_Er/Twitter

Furthermore, the image they have used where a girl can be seen being beaten by the Police is actually from the Nirbhaya protests which occurred during the UPA regime. Thus, the Youth Congress is using an instance where a girl was thrashed by the Police which was under the control of the Congress-led UPA government in order to target the NDA government at the Center.

Source: @Gujju_Er/Twitter

The Youth Congress has decided to side with the students of JNU on an issue which cannot be justified in any manner. The quality and the quantity of output produced by the JNU does not justify the exorbitant subsidies it receives from the government. The administration, meanwhile, has approached the Delhi High Court seeking contempt action against its “students” and the Delhi Police for violating a court order against holding a protest within 100 metres of the varsity’s administrative block.

Like its former president Rahul Gandhi who landed in JNU to defend the indefensible when anti-national slogans were raised in the campus, the Youth Congress has decided to tread a similar path. Earlier, the Youth Congress had protested the removal of SPG cover of the Gandhi family by burning effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

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