Abduction and false charges against Balochistan women will strengthen the Baloch resistance movement

House burnt by Pakistan forces in Balochistan (Source: India Today)

On the 29th of November, news broke out from the war-torn region of Awaran Balochistan, that Pakistani paramilitary forces have forcefully abducted two Baloch women along with their male family members. Within the next 24 hours, two more Baloch women were abducted from Awaran region during an army operation. The abducted women were identified as Hameeda Bibi Baloch, Nazal Bibi Baloch, Sakina Bibi Baloch and Sayad Bibi Baloch. All the abducted Baloch ladies were kept in a Military torture cell for one day and then handed over to the levies forces. After forty-eight hours of illegal detention and torture, the Baloch women have been falsely charged for terrorism and carrying grenades and other weapons.

Similarly, Pakistani forces have abducted three Baloch women from Dera Bugti along with their family members. Abducted women from Dera Bugti identified as Sammi Khatoon, Nasibo Khatoon and Dur Bibi. The whereabouts of these women still remain unknown.

The news of the abduction of Baloch women is not surprising for people of Balochistan because the Pakistani army has previously abducted Baloch women and later they were released. In some cases, women were detained and abused as a sex slave by Pakistani military personnel, but this time the Pakistani forces have not just abducted Baloch women and tortured them but they’ve also charged them with bogus cases as well.

The Baloch Political and Human rights organisations, Social Media activists and the leaders of Baloch armed forces have condemned this inhuman act and they’ve all vowed to do their best to expose the real face of the brutal state of Pakistan.

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The chief of Balochistan Liberation Front  Dr Allah Nizar in his statement condemned the abduction of Baloch women abducted from Awaran and Dera Bugti region of Balochistan. He also criticised the so-called Baloch Nationalist who are sitting in parliament and supporting the state brutality silently.

Similarly, Bashir Zeb Baloch the chief of Baloch Liberation Army (Most Lethal Armed organisation of Balochistan) and very close companion of ex BLA chief General Aslam Baloch, have condemned the abduction of Baloch women from Awaran and Dera Bugti. In his statement, he said that until we don’t teach them (Pakistan) a lesson we don’t hit them hard we cannot guarantee the safety and security of our mothers and sisters. He further said that Pakistan is repeating the history of Bangladesh in Balochistan by abusing women and children.

According to sources the former chief of BLA and one of the founding member of the organisation General Aslam Baloch in one his interview has already mentioned that “if the Pakistani forces abduct Baloch women and torture them or kill them then the Baloch armed forces will also take extreme measures to teach a lesson to the Pakistani forces and to ensure the safety of Baloch women.”

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The recent abduction of Baloch women will further strengthen the Baloch resistance movement. The abduction of Baloch women may also give more reason to Baloch Sarmachars (Freedom fighters) to carry out more lethal attacks on the Pakistani army and to take extreme measures to revenge these inhuman acts.

Recent incidents of abduction of Baloch women are also a wake-up call for all the Baloch activists in the diaspora to play their due role to expose the dirty face of the Pakistani military and paramilitary forces. Those of us living in exile is supposed to be the voice of these innocent people and we must not confuse the political nature of Baloch national question with a human rights one. Pakistani army carrying out all these brutalities just because to suppress the Baloch freedom movement and to blackmail the Baloch activists and forcing them to surrender by abducting the women of their families. This is our duty to tell the world that their silence is simply giving Pakistan a good reason to carry out atrocities against Baloch people in Balochistan without the fear of being accountable to anyone. If the world failed to stop Pakistan in Balochistan they’ll never be able to achieve peace in the region and across the world.

As we have witnessed on many occasions Pakistan’s crying over Kashmir and demanding freedom and rights for the people of Kashmir advocating for the rights of Kashmiri women and on the very same time the very same Pakistani forces are involved in abducting, molesting and raping Baloch women. All these inhumane and unjustified actions of the Pakistan army go unnoticed by local and international media because of the media blackout in Balochistan. This is the responsibility of the local and international media to fulfil their duty by reporting the news of the abductions of Baloch women and also raise awareness about what is happening in Balochistan.

The Baloch nation hopes that Afghanistan and India will not keep silent on this serious and heinous crime of Pakistani state against humanity. The Baloch nation also expects from the neighbouring countries to raise this serious issue on every platform across the world. The Afghan, Baloch and Indian alliance is also important for regional peace and stability.  If Afghan and Indian government wants no more terror attacks on their soil and to live with peace and harmony then they must have to support Baloch in their war of liberation and to dismantle Pakistan immediately because with Pakistan it is impossible to achieve peace.

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