After Siddaramaiah, now Karnataka Congress State President resigns: Another jolt to Congress after BJP sweeps Karnataka by poll

Congress President Sonia Gandhi, leader Rahul Gandhi

The counting of votes for the 15 assembly constituencies that went for by-polls in Karnataka are going on and the ruling BJP has won 7 of the 15 seats. Congress has won 2. The BJP, which needed 6 seats to retain the majority, has now attainted it. BJP is expected to win 12 seats in total and Congress ally in Karnataka, JD(S) and scored a zero. Following the results, Congress in the state suffered a massive jolt as Siddaramaiah resigned as the Legislative Party Leader and as the leader of opposition in Karnataka Assembly. Now, the Congress State President has also resigned, delivering another body-blow to the party in Karnataka.

In July, the 14-month-old Congress-JDS government led by HD Kumaraswamy had fallen after it lost the trust vote in the assembly. The coalition government had lost the majority after 16 MLAs from both the parties had turned rebel and resigned from the assembly. After rebel MLAs from Congress and JDS had resigned, 15 out of 17 Karnataka seats had become vacant. The apex court had held the disqualification order but had disagreed on the duration of disqualification and had held that the MLAs will face re-election.

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All MLAs were from Congress and JDS who had later decided to support the BJP. The 15 MLAs were all given BJP tickets. To retain power in the state, BJP needed to win at least 6 seats out of the 15. Following the disqualification, the strength of the assembly was reduced to 208, where BJP held the simple majority of 105. It had the support of independent MLA H Nagesh. Now, the numbers needed by BJP have been attained following the by-polls.

Earlier in the day, Siddaramaiah, the state’s former Chief Minister and senior Congress leader had also resigned from his position as Legislative Party Leader and leader of opposition in Karnataka Assembly.

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