UK Health Minister tested positive for coronavirus, had attended a reception with British PM and several ministers

UK Health Minister diagonsed with corona virus.

British Health Minister Nadine Dorries has been tested positive for coronavirus, she herself confirmed in a statement on Tuesday, raising concerns about whether senior government figures have been infected.

The Conservative party MP said, ” I can confirm I have tested positive for coronavirus and have been self-isolating at home.” The health officials are trying to trace the origin of her infection, she added.

Dorries is the first British MP to be diagnosed with COVID-19, was also crafting the legislation to fight the epidemic. Reports suggest that she was in touch with hundreds of people, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

As per the reports, she fell sick while signing the document on Friday that was for declaring coronavirus a notifiable disease, so that companies can obtain insurance cover for it.

The UK is already suffering a blow from coronavirus as Six people have lost their lives and more than 370 confirmed cases are being treated.

Dorries had attended a reception at the British PM’s residence at 10, Downing Street on the occasion of International Women’s Day. British PM Boris Johnson, his fiancee Carrie Symmonds, and several cabinet ministers were present there too.

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