Watch: Pro-India accounts disrupt Pakistan’s anti-India online meeting on Zoom, play pro-Hindu and Indian nationalistic songs

Pakistani Zoom event

A group of Indic social media users caused a massive embarrassment to Pakistani authorities and diplomats after they raided their online event that was organised to peddle anti-India rhetoric. The pro-Hindu accounts also disrupted the event by playing pro-Hindu and nationalistic songs on the video conference organised on Zoom.

On Tuesday, a group of Pakistani diplomats, along with some self-proclaimed human rights ‘activists’ and pro-Pakistan trolls had organised an event on online meeting platform ‘Zoom’ to discuss the so-called ’72 Years of Indian Occupation of Kashmir’. Interestingly, CJ Werleman, a US-based pro-Islamists sympathiser, was also part of the show to discuss the alleged Indian atrocities in Kashmir.

As the anti-India event progressed, pro-Indian accounts appeared on the event and attempted to stop Pakistani diplomats from speaking lies on Kashmir issue. The pro-Indian users raided the show and played some Hindu nationalistic songs to stop Pakistanis from peddling their usual anti-India narrative.

At first, around 16:55 mins, the pro-Hindu participants of the event put out a Hindu religious song dedicated to Lord Hanuman. For a few seconds, Pakistani organisers and other guests present in the event were perplexed to understand from exactly such pro-Hindu content were being telecast.

As the host Malik Nadeem Abid realised that some pro-Indian accounts are present at their meet, he began to lament by saying that he knew this would happen. “I knew they would sabotage the event,” cried Ambassador Abid.

For the next half hour, the Pakistanis continue to peddle lies on Kashmir. However, the patient users yet again raided into the event at around 47th minute to play the famous song – “Ek hi naara, Ek hi naam, Jai Shree Ram Jai Shree Ram”.

This song then continued to play during the Pakistani Zoom meet for over the next two minutes forcing Pakistanis to remain silent. Meanwhile, the enraged Pakistani participants continued to lament over repeated disruptions and also blamed India of disrupting their meetings in order to hide their ‘atrocities in Kashmir’.

Again at 50th minute, a burqa-clad woman appeared on the live video meeting to advise to end the event after failing to stop pro-Indian social media users from telecasting pro-Hindutva songs during their event.

A compilation of pro-Indian accounts playing Hindutva songs in an attempt to disrupt the false propaganda of the Pakistani establishment can be seen below.

The event that was organised by Pakistanis to remember the day of the so-called occupation of ‘Indian occupation of Kashmir’ was observed on October 27.

In reality, it is a day to commemorate the landing of first Battalion of Sikh Regiment of Indian Army in Srinagar on October 27 to stop Pashtun tribal intruders from invading Jammu and Kashmir. On this day in 1947, the Indian forces successfully stopped these Pakistani tribals from unleashing their terror, who intended to plunder, rape and destroy the people of Kashmir. In India, this day is celebrated as ‘Infantry Day’.

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