Pakistan claims India staged Pulwama attack after Mumbai Police leaks chat to embarrass Arnab, Republic hits back: Details

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan has now issued a statement on the nonsensical controversy surrounding the private WhatsApp chats of Arnab Goswami which were leaked by the Mumbai Police. Referring to portions involving the Balakot airstrikes, Pakistan claims that its stand has been vindicated and exposed “India’s sinister designs”. Pakistan, known for exporting terrorism, claims the Pulwama terror attack was a “false flag”.

The claims made in the statement are nearly indistinguishable from those made by opposition parties. It said, “The latest revelations further confirm what Pakistan has consistently pointed out: The BJP government stages “false flag” operations; maligns Pakistan with terrorism-related allegations; stokes hyper-nationalism in the country; claims to have launched so-called “surgical strike”; and then deviously manipulates national sentiment in its bid to win elections. The pattern is unmistakable, and has been repeated to suit the RSS-BJP regime’s electoral calculations.”

Pakistan went so far as to add, “The transcripts also illustrate the unholy nexus between the ‘Hindutva’ regime and its cronies in the Indian media. On the one hand, they show how far and deeply the extremist agenda of the RSS-BJP combine has permeated India’s institutions and pillars of the State. On the other hand, they show how the rights and freedoms of Indian citizens and democratic values in Indian society are being seriously jeopardized through cynical manipulation.”

Republic TV has responded to the statement by Pakistan. It has said in its own statement, “The desperation with which the Government of Pakistan has attacked the Republic Media Network in an open forum today, also lays bare the involvement of anti-lndia forces in the conspiracy behind the Republic Media Network. As the days pass, we will expose this conspiracy and the involvement of people who are working against national interest.”

Republic TV has responded to the Pakistan statement over Arnab Goswami’s leaked private WhatsApp chats

Republic also also urged the Congress party to “stop working in tandem with the Government of Pakistan, consciously or unconsciously, to spread lies against India’s interests.” We had reported earlier that Arnab Goswami in the leaked chats did not say anything that was not already in public domain. Former Maharashtra CM from the Congress party Prithviraj Chavan had admitted that the chats were leaked by the Mumbai Police. Congress is part of the ruling alliance in Maharashtra.

The leaked chat shows Arnab saying, “Bigger than a normal airstrike. And on the same time something major on Kashmir. On Pakistan the government is confident of striking in a way that people will be elated. Exact words used.”

However, the comments made by Arnab Goswami were consistent with the message Prime Minister Modi had coveyed to Indians in the previous days. Narendra Modi had said on the 15th of February, 2019, a day after the terror attack that the blood of the people was boiling and that the terrorists had committed a “grave mistake” and would pay a heavy price for it.

The Prime Minister went to the extent of saying that “our neighbouring country forgets that this (India) is a country with new intent and new policy.” In the backdrop of this, it was abundantly clear that something big was indeed coming.

“Trust the brave soldiers of the country and trust the Modi government…This time, everyone will be taken to justice and complete justice will be served,” Prime Minister Modi said on the 23rd of February, 3 days prior to the attack, “Your pradhan sevak is busy finishing terror…If I am destined to put locks to the factory of terror, so be it.”

Pakistani PM Imran Khan himself was expecting retaliation from India and was pleading the UN to defuse the tension. Thus, it is abundantly clear that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan is attempting to use a gross violation of privacy by the Mumbai Police to target India.

OpIndia Staff: Staff reporter at OpIndia