Sexist Tamil Nadu Congress offers saree and bangles to PM Modi, alluding he is not ‘man enough’ to run the country

TN Congress says PM Modi and BJP not masculine enough to run govt

The Tamil Nadu Congress displayed its blatant sexist bias and misogyny as its party workers protested, asking Prime Minister Modi to wear sarees and bangles, alluding that he is not ‘man enough’ to run the country on July 22.

As per reports, Tamil Nadu Congress had organised a protest march on Thursday against the Modi government over the Pegasus Spygate controversy. During the protests, the Congress workers resorted to sexist attacks by offering sarees and bangles to PM Modi.

The Congress workers insinuated that BJP and its party leaders are not ‘masculine enough’ to run the government. Congress workers were seen protesting with traditional thalis in their hands, loaded with an assortment of feminine items: new saree, bangles, jasmine garlands, and other things that are customarily gifted to brides.

This was a surprising display of the mentality of the senior leadership of Congress, a party which was once headed by Indira Gandhi, India’s first female Prime Minister and currently has Sonia Gandhi as the interim president.

OpIndia Staff: Staff reporter at OpIndia