Islamists assault Hindu youth in Jalna over ‘Jai Shree Ram’ ringtone on his mobile phone: Report

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A Hindu young man named Vicky Hawale was brutally attacked by Muslim youths in the Partur area of Jalna district in Maharashtra, Sudarshan News reported. He was having a meal at a hotel with his younger brother when he received a call and the “Jai Shree Ram” ringtone was heard on his mobile phone, which angered two Muslim males sitting at a nearby table and they assaulted him, the report said.

He suffered grave injuries and was admitted to a hospital where he has been undergoing treatment for four consecutive days. A complaint was filed with the police but no action has been taken against the accused till now.

The brothers were sitting in their cabin when the two Muslims barged inside and viciously thrashed the victim. One of the perpetrators is reportedly named Sameer. The entire incident was recorded on the CCTV camera. The offenders are involved in many illegal activities and the authorities are not taking any measures against them even after a First Information Report has been launched because they share their illicit proceeds with the latter and carry out their unlawful activities even in small villages with complete impunity. The cops are also trying to weaken the case in an attempt to save the culprits. The instance has angered the Hindu community and Hindu organisations who are demanding strict charges against the pair.

Hindu shop owner in Bengaluru assaulted for playing Hanuman Chalisa

Notably, a Hindu shop owner named Mukesh was targeted by Islamists for playing Hanuman Chalisa and other Hindu devotional songs in his shop, which is located near a mosque in Bengaluru in March of this year. The occurrence came to light when the video of the incident went viral on social media in which a group of miscreants were seen assaulting a shopowner in Siddannagalli. He launched a complaint at the Halasuru Gate police station but the authorities were reluctant. A large group of local traders then gathered outside the police station and pressured the cops to act. Suleiman, Shahnawaz and Rohit were booked as the main accused.

Leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party also organised a large-scale protest after the episode, calling for stern punishment in the case. Mukesh disclosed that when the assailants claimed that it was time for Azaan he tried to convince them that there was still time for it, but they refused to listen to him and grabbed him by the neck. According to him, they began beating him up and threatening to stab him with a knife when he came out of his shop to confront them. However, the police insisted that there was no communal angle and later the Halasuru Gate police station submitted a case against him on the counter-complaint of Mah Jabeen who was the mother of Suleiman.

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