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Is it Safe to Play Online Rummy for Money? | Debunking the Myths About Legality of Rummy Games in India

  Anything that involves money will raise a bunch of queries, doubts and worries which in turn becomes a constant debate or topic of discussion. Games like Rummy do involve money and the question of whether it is safe and legal to play is still a mystery for many!  There are various answers to this question but to put it in plain simple language then ‘yes, it is completely safe to lay rummy for money’. By now we all know that rummy is a skill-based game and according to the Supreme Court of India, all games that are based on skill even if it involves money or is played for free is safe and legal to be played. So, rest assured and calm all your doubts!  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rumors, False Statements and Myths are a common thing and a part of our lives whether we like it or not. Just like everything else, Rummy also has a lot of talk, and myths floating around it. Here are a few such myths that we’ll be debunking in this article. Are you ready to bust these myths? Let’s go... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Considered to be Equivalent to Gambling ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The very fact that rummy is a skill-based game, and this very statement nullifies the above pointer as gambling involves a lot of luck and chance. So, what does it mean when it is skill-based? Basically, the entire game depends on the individual's capability and mental power.  You can loosely throw statements around like “you won this round by luck “or “luck favored you this time” solely because blind luck barely works in the game of rummy. Whereas in gambling it is purely luck based. Yes, it also does require a lot of learning and skill to become proficient, but luck and chance does have a larger percentage of play in the game. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Zero Assurity of the Payments  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A myth that cropped out when rummy moved to the online surface was there is no assurance nor guarantee with the payments you make and when it is time for your payout you might not get it at all. But, again here’s a thing, we as grownups should be aware of where we are investing our money and how we will get our returns; and it is fair enough. To cut a long story short, the fact is playing via trusted, liable and 100% certified sites online is the deal. Like, at Classic Rummy, we only believe in payment gateways that are genuine and reliable. So, rest assured, your money is in safe hands! Also, you can play for free as practice session as well as participate in tournaments and other activities which garner a lot of rewards all for you to keep.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Playing Rummy is an Utter Waste of Time  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It’s strange how we tend to generalize almost everything possible just to have an easy way out, isn’t it? For example, playing games is childish or meant to be a pastime that you only do when you have nothing better to do. Let’s bust this myth right here by saying No! Playing Rummy isn’t a waste of time. Many aren’t aware of the numerous benefits it adds to one's personality and helps hone their skills for the better. It has a lot of cognitive benefits and also works as a great stress reliever. For all of you out there who have been playing rummy for a while now will agree how much of a difference it has made to you personally! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. You Only Lose Money  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now that you have online platforms that let you play rummy and win exciting rewards, bonuses and real time cash prizes daily, people feel that you will only end up losing all the money you invest in the game. This is not true and here’s why; Since rummy is based on skills, it gives all the players a fair chance to win. Winning and losing is entirely on the way you play, the game or the system has nothing to do with it. You give your 100%, you will get back 100%. It’s as simple as that.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. The Game is Played Only with Large Deposits ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is another myth that is always talked about that if you want to play rummy online then you will have to make huge amounts of deposits. Checkout any trusted website that is legal and follows proper guidelines by the government, you will never find them forcing you to deposit huge amounts of money. There are many where you can enter and play for play or if there is a deposit to be made then it bare minimum that would hardly matter. So, anybody who says this to you now, correct them then and there!  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. The Game is Rigged  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anything that seems good doesn’t always have a hidden motive behind it. People believe that the game of rummy and the tournaments played in it are rigged and of course this is a myth.  To begin with, there are a set of rules and regulations that the players must abide by and likewise the game also has to follow them. If you’re someone who has played tournaments before then you are well aware of the fact that there is 100% transparency that is maintained, and every player is given an equal opportunity throughout. There is no space for malpractice or anything of that sort. If you win, you get your winning amount and if you don’t then you don’t get anything and that’s about it. The same applies to when you play against the computer or bots! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Like they say, knowledge is power and knowing what is right and wrong is essential. Don’t just jump into conclusions without knowing anything. We hope the above myths mentioned above are cleared and any doubts that you may have had in terms of the game, legality and whatsoever is as clear as clear! Rummy is known for its popularity around the world and that is because it is played by millions of people and of course it is worth every praise it gets, what say? These myths will keep floating around here and there but don’t let yourself get affected by such news and comments. Do your research and that too thorough one and then reach a conclusion or decision. It’s always worth giving the devil its due!

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