Thursday, July 29, 2021


FBI helped instigate plot to kidnap Michigan Governor, framed Trump supporters as US establishment prepares for domestic war on terror

A Buzzfeed report has revealed that 12 FBI informants were not only part of the conspiracy but also instigated the Michigan Governor kidnapping plot.

Germany: Homosexuals face intimidation from Muslim immigrants, attacked frequently outside gay bars

Muslim immigrants into Europe has turned out to be nightmare for homosexuals as they are getting attacked by the Islamists

Jail term for farting? UK ministers claim to have seen ‘credible evidence’ that passing gas can transmit Covid-19

Ministers in the United Kingdom claim to have seen evidence that Covid-19 could be transmitted by farting in public.

Former Florida pastor arrested for lewd battery and sexually molesting a minor girl for years, church distances itself from the accused: Details

A former pastor with Chets Creek Church in Florida arrested for sexual molestation and unlawful sexual activity with a young girl

Global media looks away as Biden’s NSA “unmasks” dissenting right wing journalist Tucker Carlson

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, an outspoken critic of President Biden, claimed that the NSA has been monitoring his communications.

‘Who is running the country?’: Series of bizarre comments by US President Joe Biden sparks further concerns about his deteriorating mental health

Joe Biden has of late made a string of inexplicable decisions and strange comments, raising questions over his mental well-being.

Thousands of Afghans who worked for US troops now face Taliban’s death trap, US govt announces Operation Allies Refuge

Over 18,000 Afghans who had worked for the US troops have reportedly applied for the Special Immigration Visa, fearing Taliban's revenge.

Covid-19 positive man boards flight in Indonesia in wife’s niqab, tries to pass off as a woman: Here is how he got caught

COVID positive man was detained for boarding a Citilink flight using the disguise of a woman in Indonesia. The flight was from Jakarta to Ternate.

Afghanistan: Taliban killed over 100 civilians after the fall of Spin Boldak, US forces carry out strikes in Kandahar

As per the government of Afghanistan, the Talibani terrorists presided over the massacre at the direction of their Pakistani masters.

Western academia comes together to deny Hinduphobia in US universities and blame Hindus: How Indian scholars debunked the lies

Indian scholars debunk lies spread by Audrey Truschke and her supporters in denying Hinduphobia that exists in American academic institutions

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