Thursday, June 30, 2022



BBC, NYT jump in to defend Alt News’ Md Zubair, ignore his derogatory anti-Hindu posts and claim he is arrested for being a ‘Modi...

The BBC reported that the Police in India had arrested Mohammed Zubair for being vocal critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government

BBC altered rape victim’s quote to prevent ‘misgendering’ Transgender attacker, ‘woke staff’ replaced ‘he/him’ with ‘they/them’

BBC changed pronouns in rape victim's statement to hide the fact that she was raped by trans-woman with male genitals

BBC clarifies after being called out for presenting views of politicians on ‘The Kashmir Files’ as that of common Kashmiri Hindus, does not apologise

BBC has issued a clarification that the views of the politicians they intervened does not represent the views of all Kashmiri Hindus

BBC publishes views of a select few Kashmiri Pundits relocated in Jammu to target The Kashmir Files

The BBC covered views of a select residents living in the Jagti society in Jammu to discredit The Kashmir Files

Islamists attack BBC Hindi for using an image of a Muslim couple celebrating with colours to depict Holi: Here is what happened

Even though the BBC used the image with some 'noble' intentions to depict the colour festival of Holi, the representational image used by the media outlet triggered the usual suspects, who took to Twitter to cry 'Islamophobia'.

BBC middle east editor coaches Ukrainians on how to use petrol bomb against Russian tanks and armoured vehicles

BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen posts image teaching Ukrainians how to attack Russian tanks using petrol bombs

Research paper by leading journalism institute shows how Western media uses half-truths and racist colonial biases against India

The western media is laying bricks to manufacture negativity and hatred in India and then leverage that for their own benefit.

Complaint registered against Rana Ayyub for calling students protesting with saffron flags ‘Hindu Terrorists’

Rana Ayyub referred students protesting with saffron flags as 'vigilantes, Hindu terrorists' in a BBC interview

Financial fraud accused Washington Post columnist caught spreading lies on BBC on Karnataka burqa row

The Washington Post columnist, accused of financial fraud in name of COVID donation, gets hysterical while speaking about Karnataka burqa row on BBC

When Karan Thapar tried to undermine India’s win in 1971: Here is what Sam Manekshaw said in the interview

In the interview on BBC's Face-to-Face in the year 1999, Karan Thapar was heard undermining India's heroic triumph in the 1971 war

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