Thursday, July 29, 2021



Chinese citizens harass foreign journalists after BBC questions govt’s failure in containing floods: Here is what happened

Chinese citizens with 100K+ followers have accused DW and BBC of spreading rumours after the govt was questioned on Zhengzhou floods

Western media obsessed with proving how PM Modi’s popularity has ‘declined’: Here is how BBC spun that narrative in a report on Mann Ki...

BBC published an article that spoke about the revenue that is being earned by Doordarshan by broadcasting 'Mann Ki Baat'.

How the BBC promoted nonsensical AI-based research to claim that Pakistanis were wishing India well during the Covid crisis

The BBC and its penchant for painting a tolerant picture of Pakistan while denigrating India is well documented.

‘Charampanthi nahin aatankwadi’: Netizens correct BBC for watering down terror attack

BBC referred to the terrorists who killed the former SPO of J&K and his wife in a terror attack on Sunday evening as 'charampanthi' (extremist)

BBC removes distorted map of India from Delta variant report after uproar on social media

BBC published wrong map of India while talking about a story on the origin of Delta variant of Chinese coronavirus

BBC apologises for its coverage of footballer Eriksen’s collapse, it is time they apologise for their grotesque reportage on India’s Covid outbreak too

The western media outlets, including BBC, ought to apologise India for perpetrating racism with their egregious coverage of country's COVID-19 pandemic and linking it with morbid images of burning funeral pyres.

Reddit, Guardian, NYTimes, Amazon and half the Internet websites went down in major outage

Many international media websites were down for about half an hour due in a major outage.

As #DefundTheBBC trends, here are the lies that BBC journalist Martin Bashir told Princess Diana to land the 1995 interview

Inquiry committee set up by BBC finds that its journalist Martin Bashir had used deceit to secure an interview with Princess Diana in 1995

BBC journalist deceived Princess Diana to secure famous 1995 interview, says inquiry committee: BBC apologises

The inquiry by Judge Dyson has found that Bashir, then a small-time reporter, had shown Spencer fake bank statements claiming that Diana was under surveillance by the security services and that they were being paid to provide information about her.

Exposing the bias of Western media: Old video of Azerbaijan President goes viral. Here’s what he said

In the old video, the Azerbaijan President was asked about press freedom in his country.

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