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‘Leave the institution if you don’t like it’: High Court rejects Muslim girl’s petition against prohibition on namaz in British school

Thirty students began praying namaz in the school's yard in March of last year while kneeling on blazers.

Indian origin student from Britain jokes about being a part of the Taliban, faces trial in Spain now

Accused Indian student Aditya Verma, an economics student at Bath University, is currently on bail after he joked about being a part of Taliban

UK govt adds India to the list of ‘safe states’, no more asylum for illegally entering Indians

With this addition, all asylum claims from Indian nationals who arrive on small boats or illegally on other routes will be deemed inadmissible. There will be no appeals and they will be sent back.

‘Consider waving of Palestine flag as a criminal offense as it indicates support to Hamas’: British Home Sec Suella Braverman tells police

“It is not just explicit pro-Hamas symbols and chants that are cause for concern. I would encourage police to consider whether chants such as: ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ should be understood as an expression of a violent desire to see Israel erased from the world.." Braverman's letter read.

UK to ban American XL Bully dog by the end of the year after a series of fatal attacks, announces PM Rishi Sunak

The UK will ban the American XL Bully dog by the end of the year, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced.

UK’s second largest city Birmingham declares bankruptcy, claims it does not have enough funds for equal pay it owes to female govt employees

Birmingham City Council has reportedly declared bankruptcy and halted non-essential spending due to equal pay claims

South Africa ANC Gen Sec exposes BBC hypocrisy, says will welcome Putin as no head of state can just be arrested anywhere: All you...

African National Congress (ANC) Secretary General Fikile Mbalula in an exclusive interview with the BBC stated that he would want Putin to visit Africa and that the country would welcome him as part and parcel of BRICS.

UK: Man stages sit-in-protest at a McDonald’s outlet for sending him incomplete order

A British man decided to stage a sit-in protest at a local drive-thru McDonald’s outlet after the order he received had the fries and drinks missing.

UK report deems Islamist terrorism the greatest and deadliest threat facing the country

UK report reveals radicalisation of British Muslims by rhetorics emanating from extremist clerics in Pakistan.

‘India is where my family, home and culture blend together’: British PM Rishi Sunak’s daughter Anoushka Sunak

British PM Rishi Sunak's daughter Anoushka Sunak stated that India is a place where "family, home and culture" blend together.a

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