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Siyaya, cheetah translocated from Namibia to India last year, gives birth to four cubs in Kuno National Park, cheetah cubs born in India after...

The cubs were born to Siyaya, a female cheetah that was translocated to India from the Gobabis region of southern Namibia. Siyaya was two years old when she was brought to India.

12 more Cheetahs to be brought to India from South Africa, IAF’s C-17 Globemaster aircraft to land on 18 February carrying them

As per the Action Plan for Cheetah Introduction in India, yearly 10-12 cheetahs are expected to be brought from African countries for the next 5 years at least.

Cheetahs return to India: The attempt to reintroduce the big cat 7 decades after they went extinct in the country

Project Cheetah chief informed that Kuno was chosen for the rehabilitation of cheetahs due to the presence of large grasslands, small hills and forests.

Punjab Police exposes Pakistan sponsored narco-terrorism network in the country, ‘big fish’ in ISI’s drug smuggling chain arrested

Punjab police arrested Ranjeet Singh alias Rana alias Cheeta, who is said to be a 'big fish' in the ISI controlled drug smuggling network

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